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Magic Castle Swap Meet

Last weekend we attended yet another successful Magic Castle Swap Meet! I cannot believe the great items we came home with and none of it was what we brought to the Swap Meet to sell. We completely filled two SUVs to the brim with new items and barely had room for the people who needed to ride back home. And, after five days we’ve sold through about 80% of it…the demand for the Private Estate Collection continues to grow by leaps and bounds. I need to apologize to all the very good customers who called this week with questions about items we had just put on the website, and then sold immediately, so they were no longer available when they called; I wish I could get more of these great collectibles, but quantities in this end of the business are definitely limited. Which brings me to my next point…if you have any effects or illusions that you no longer are using, give me a call and let’s see what we can work out.

Tim and Max bringing Chalet Backstage With A Magician into the Hocus Pocus Showroom

Tim and Max bringing Chalet Backstage With A Magician into the Hocus Pocus Showroom

As Long As We’re Here…

As long as we were in Hollywood, Betty and I wanted to stop by one of our favorite stores, Nick Metropolis, and see what they had that we “needed”. This store is always overflowing with great items that you can’t get anywhere else (like Hocus Pocus!) so you want to make sure you have the time to browse. Well, we found the best item, a vintage pedal car that we knew would be perfect for our grandson, Zachary. When we were finished with the Swap Meet on Saturday, we headed over to the store to pick up the pedal card, the store is about 10 minutes from the Magic Castle so it is very convenient. Or so we thought…we get to within two blocks of the store and discover the roads are blocked because of a marathon. It then took us 45 minutes, as we took all the detours, to get to the store. But, it was well worth the time and trouble, take a look at this…

Zachary and his vintage pedal car

Magic Classes Coming

We’re getting close to the start of our inaugural Magic Class. The first class is scheduled for May 5 and then the following three Saturdays. Yesterday, we were visited by Rick Bentley, of the Fresno Bee, who interviewed Tim Mannix for an article about the magic classes appearing in the Bee next week.

We are so proud and honored to announce that Mark and Nani Wilson are going to be guest instructors at the May 19 class. What I would have given to be at a magic class instructed by Mark and Nani when I was a kid or really anytime in my life for that matter! This is such a great opportunity for all aspiring magicians! To reserve your seat for the Magic Classes, call 559-266-5150 or 800-407-4040 and you can email tim@hocus-pocus.com

Tim with the Fresno Bee photographer and Max standing by with the rabbit

Tim getting his close-ups done with the Fresno Bee photographer

Happy Birthday, Nani!

And last, but not least comes a very important announcement: yesterday was Nani Darnell Wilson’s birthday. No one brings elegance and class to magic the way Nani does. So, to the half of the dynamic duo from the Magic Land of Allakazam and the Magic Circus who inspired me, Happy Birthday, “Magic Mom” from Betty and me. We so enjoyed celebrating your birthday with you last week at the Magic Castle and love every moment we spend together with you.

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,



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