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Superman Is Getting Married

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This is the weekend. The weekend that Superman is getting married!

What do I mean by this statement? Let me tell you a story…

One night, over 20 years ago, Nick at Nite was showing a Superman marathon. The marathon started out by showing the original Superman cartoons, which were probably produced in the ’40s, and then the marathon  went on to broadcast the entire Superman series with George Reeves.

I thought our son, Cole, would be interested in this so I called him over to watch the Superman cartoons and series.  Little did I know how much he was going to be entranced by the Superman character.

He was HOOKED! Cole became fascinated with Superman.

It started out with Cole hanging a towel on his back (clipped at the neck, of course) as his Superman cape and that lasted a little while. Then he got Superman pajamas to add to the towel/cape; he slept in the pajamas, he played in pajamas, he did everything in the pajamas. Finally, the pajamas wore out, but Cole was still Superman.

At this point in time, with the pajamas worn out and no longer wearable, Betty found a seamstress and had a Superman costume made for Cole. It was a fantastic Superman outfit, complete with cape, “S” emblem and red boots! You can see in the picture below that Cole even had the spit-curl on his forehead like Superman.

Cole was Superman for Thanksgiving, Superman for Christmas, Superman for everything, everyday for two years!

Superman Cole

And now, Superman has found his Lois Lane and they’re getting married.

Cole and his fiance, Amanda, are getting married tomorrow night.

Our family is officially increasing by one person and we will be giving a little more thanks at Thanksgiving and we will be extra merry at Christmas. And, Superman and Lois Lane will live happily ever after.

Cole and Amanda

Congratulations Cole and Amanda!

Have a great weekend.

Until next time.



A Little of This and a Little of That

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This has been such a busy week –

On Monday we were running around like crazy trying to fill the weekend orders. It was a Freaky Friday Sale that “opened the flood gates” and the orders just kept coming and coming. The stack of orders from the weekend was unbelievable (which we are all very thankful for)! It took everyone here, working in the warehouse, to get through them in a timely manner. It was both exhausting and exciting at the same time!

Tenyo is Here!

We put over 50 new Tenyo items on the website this week. This has more than rounded out our Tenyo category. If you aren’t familiar with Tenyo, they have been around for years and every year about Christmas-time they would introduce 4-5 new effects which were quickly gobbled up by collectors. We now have access to a broader assortment of Tenyo and at much better pricing than in the past.  Three of my favorites are Blue Crystal, Koornwinder Kar and Mystic Scope. You should take a look at these three effects, if not the entire Tenyo category.

Aye Caramba!

The Cubes from Caramba Magic arrived this week from Spain. We are the Exclusive USA dealer for this great item – a powerful mind-bending effect that never fails to make a profound impression on audiences everytime. Watch this video then read more…


Private Estate

We also received several new Private Estate consignments this week.  My absolute favorite item this week is an Owen Talking Skull – truly a work of art, not to mention magic! This remote-controlled skull is so real, it really does appear like it’s talking. It isn’t on the website yet, but it will sell fast when it does go on — this skull is the best! Private Estate continues to be such a growing part of our business, I had one of our customers tell me that he checks the website three times per day, morning, early evening and right before he goes to bed to make sure he doesn’t miss out on the best Private Estate items. Now that is dedication…or maybe obsession. In either case, it shows that there are a lot of you, who, like me, love the vintage and antique magic — not to mention getting a good bargain on slightly used newer illusions and effects.

Trade-In Days

Speaking of Private Estate…Trade-In Days are just around the corner. We’re sending out an email tomorrow announcing that Trade-In Days are here, but really, we negotiate Trade-Ins and Consignments year round. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has some effect or illusion sitting around gathering dust. You liked it when you bought it, you got your use out of it and now you’ve moved on to other effects. This is the perfect item to Trade-In, just because you’re done with it, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t want it, especially if it is no longer available or hard to get. You don’t need it, we may want it, and in the end you get new magic with your Trade-in store credit. Everybody wins! Take a look at what you have on hand and send your list to me on an email to

Countdown to the Wedding

The wedding of the year will be next weekend. Betty  has her dress and I have my tux; I guess that means we’re ready for our son Cole’s marriage to his fiance Amanda. We couldn’t be more excited to “officially” welcome Amanda into our family, I say “officially” because, of course, we already think of her as one of our own. Weddings are a great time to see family members that don’t live in town and this wedding will be no exception, we have people arriving from all over the country for the wedding. It is going to be a fantastic weekend! I better rest up this weekend…

Until next time,


Past and Present

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 Blast From The Past

Cinderella The Clock Strikes Twelve by Jack Silver Scottish Magic Studio

Just like many of you, I collect vintage and antique magic effects and illusions. It is always exciting to receive something that I have longed for over a period of years, even though it is usually sold within days I get some satisfaction that it resided here temporarily. Yesterday was one of those days when I came across an effect I have wanted for years: Cinderella The Clock Strikes Twelve.

Paul with Cinderella The Clock Strikes Twelve at Hocus Pocus

I owned this effect when I was a teenager  and I traded it in at Buma’s House of Magic in San Francisco for a Supreme Magic Dove Chalet. I thought I was finished with Cinderella and the Dove Chalet was calling my name (I know, I know, you can’t believe I did this, but I was a kid! I didn’t know any better!).

I was happy with the Dove Chalet, but I never got over trading in the Cinderella and have been looking for one for the last TWENTY YEARS.

Yesterday was my lucky day! I saw this extremely rare effect on an estate list and immediately acquired it. It is just as great as I remember it and it still works as good as it did the day it was made. I don’t think this is going to be a temporary resident in the Hocus Pocus showroom.


Today is Max’s 20th birthday and Betty and I couldn’t be more proud of him! He is completing his second year in college (right on schedule!), working here at Hocus Pocus and is being an all around great son. He took today off to celebrate his birthday and we are missing his presence in more ways than one — I have been running all day long between my office and the warehouse helping to fill orders, ring them up and get them out! I’m exhausted, Max I do miss you here, but really HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Paul, Max and Betty

On that note I want to wish you a great weekend!

Until next time,


New Exclusives and International Guests

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New Exclusives from Practical Magic & John Breeds

Due to our relationship with Practical Magic we were able to get three new items, USA Exclusives, that I am very excited about; Ben In A Basket, Wacky Washing Machine and Don’t Ring That Bell. It’s like we hit the Mother Lode of Children’s Magic.

I have wanted to add Ben In A Basket to the Hocus Pocus assortment for two years, since the very first time I saw it performed. You can imagine my excitement when we unpacked that shipment. In stock FINALLY! This is a great puppet routine, with no vent, just very simple movements. Take a look at the video and enjoy…

Wacky Washing Machine

By way of Practical Magic, I was able to work with John Breeds, a very well known British Children’s Magic performer, to acquire the USA exclusives for these two items. I’m so excited to get these incredibly creative and funny new effects,  Wacky Washing Machine and Don’t Ring That Bell, this week. John has also written a book, How to Create Kids Magic, which is one of the best books published on entertaining children. If you’re a children’s performer then you should take a close look at these items, we have online videos for both them on the website.

Consignment Items

We receive new consigment items every day at Hocus Pocus. Yesterday, we received this Tressler Chopping Block Illusion, I used Tim as the guinea pig when I tested it!

Paul testing the Tressler Chopping Block Illusion on Tim at Hocus Pocus

International Visitors

This week we welcomed Frank Katzmarek, a well-known German magician, to the Hocus Pocus showroom. Frank and his wife are on holiday in Miami, Florida (from Germany) and took the time to fly across the country to spend one day in Fresno, California at Hocus Pocus. This is unbelievable, it just blew my mind that they would fly across the country for one day! The day was spent in the Showroom, where we pointed out what I believe are the highlights, but really most people want to explore and take pictures on their own. We ended the day with dinner and the next morning they flew back to Miami. What a great day! I am always thrilled to meet Hocus Pocus members and customers, but it is especially nice when it is someone you’ve been communicating with for years.  If you’re ever in the area, which means within 2500 miles if you’re Frank Katzmarek, please stop by and see us.

Paul with Frank Katzmarek in the Hocus Pocus showroom

Wedding Bells

The countdown has begun! Our son Cole is getting married this month and his fiance, Amanda, had a very clever way of reminding him when they were at a San Francisco Giants baseball game.

Amanda’s message to Cole at SF Giants game

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,