Superman Is Getting Married

This is the weekend. The weekend that Superman is getting married!

What do I mean by this statement? Let me tell you a story…

One night, over 20 years ago, Nick at Nite was showing a Superman marathon. The marathon started out by showing the original Superman cartoons, which were probably produced in the ’40s, and then the marathon  went on to broadcast the entire Superman series with George Reeves.

I thought our son, Cole, would be interested in this so I called him over to watch the Superman cartoons and series.  Little did I know how much he was going to be entranced by the Superman character.

He was HOOKED! Cole became fascinated with Superman.

It started out with Cole hanging a towel on his back (clipped at the neck, of course) as his Superman cape and that lasted a little while. Then he got Superman pajamas to add to the towel/cape; he slept in the pajamas, he played in pajamas, he did everything in the pajamas. Finally, the pajamas wore out, but Cole was still Superman.

At this point in time, with the pajamas worn out and no longer wearable, Betty found a seamstress and had a Superman costume made for Cole. It was a fantastic Superman outfit, complete with cape, “S” emblem and red boots! You can see in the picture below that Cole even had the spit-curl on his forehead like Superman.

Cole was Superman for Thanksgiving, Superman for Christmas, Superman for everything, everyday for two years!

Superman Cole

And now, Superman has found his Lois Lane and they’re getting married.

Cole and his fiance, Amanda, are getting married tomorrow night.

Our family is officially increasing by one person and we will be giving a little more thanks at Thanksgiving and we will be extra merry at Christmas. And, Superman and Lois Lane will live happily ever after.

Cole and Amanda

Congratulations Cole and Amanda!

Have a great weekend.

Until next time.



One Response to “Superman Is Getting Married”

  1. Greg Oznowich Says:

    Awesome. Congratulations Paul!!!

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