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Happy Fourth of July

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Supreme Private Estate

This week we received a large Private Estate collection from a magician / customer overseas.  Among the many antique and vintage items, was a great collection of Supreme Magic effects.

Supreme Magic, made in England, is not only known for quality-made products, but for innovative and entertaining Children’s magic. The routines are just hysterically funny!

We loved going through all the effects and reading the instructions and routines as we put them on the website. Supreme Magic items don’t last long aound here and most sell in less than a day.  If you’re a Supreme collector you need to be constantly looking out for these items in the Hocus Pocus Private Estate category.

Vacation Destination

Okay, I don’t really think Hocus Pocus is the prime vacation destination, but we have had a lot of people “drop-in” lately who were passing through on their way to Southern California, the National Parks, Lake Tahoe, etc. We are located right off one of the major California freeways so it’s pretty convenient to stop by if you’re in the area. We love having visitors and have welcomed people from all over the world this spring and so far this summer. If you’re in the area, please stop by and visit us and the Hocus Pocus showroom.


We had many of the local Fresno area magicians in shopping our Box-a-Bargain promotion in the back room on Thursday. These were all items from the Tony Blanco estate that had not been put on the website. We had many DVDs, Videos, Illusons, effects, costumes, you name it… that were still available for sale so we invited the local magicians ( we had some out-of-towners show up, also) in for Box A Bargain – fill the box and make us an offer! This was not an easy sale, everyone had to commit to some serious “digging” to view everything that was available and make their box count! Seriously, no reasonable offers were refused and everyone got a great deal!

Tanika Twigg and Frank Collins shopping Box-A-Bargain at Hocus Pocus

Independence Day

This coming week, on July 4th,  is the U.S. national holiday for Independence Day. This is a great holiday for us, not only because it is celebrating our Independence, but because it is a day when families gather together for barbeques, picnics, concerts and fireworks. Betty and I and the family will be gathering in the neighboring town of Fowler, as is our tradition, to  watch the fireworks celebration which is one of the best in the area.

Hocus Pocus offices and shipping will be closed on the Fourth of July in observance of the holiday.

Here’s to Independence Day(s) around the world!

Have a great weekend.

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While The Boss Is Away

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As you have probably figured out from the title of this blog, Betty and Paul are out of the office today. They are on a buying excursion in the hinterlands of California acquiring Vintage and Antique Magic effects and illusions for the Private Estate collection — all this for you, the Hocus Pocus member .

Yesterday, Betty and Paul reported back that they had a truckload of great items to bring back to the warehouse and they are still looking this morning before heading back to Fresno. They worked very hard all day yesterday, however, they were able to take the time to meet up with Gerald and Marilyn Kirchner of Magic City for dinner. Nice pay off for a day of hard work!

The Kirchners and Paul having a great dinner!

So, what does Betty and Paul’s excursion mean for you? It means starting this Monday (actually last night because they already put some Private Estate items on the website) you will see a lot of new Private Estate items on the website, items we haven’t seen around here in a very long time. What does this mean to us? It means we are going to be very, very busy with sorting, cataloging, photographing and entering product starting first thing Monday morning! So, while the bosses are away…

Max is the ONLY one that played while the bosses were away. Try as he might, he couldn’t quite ride the world’s smallest bike…where’s a clown when you need one?


Today we were surprised with a visit from the Barry Family. They were driving through Fresno and stopped by to see Hocus Pocus for their first time.  We were especially excited to meet Griffin Barry, who is Magic Castle Junior! Max gave them the tour through the showroom and both Max and Tim helped them sort through and select some estate items that haven’t even made it to the website. We always love meeting fellow magicians and thank the Barry’s for dropping in at Hocus Pocus.

The Barry family with Max at Hocus Pocus

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,

Paul’s People

Happy Father’s Day

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The Incredible Growing Private Estate Collection

We’ve been so swamped with incoming Private Estate items that it is the only thing Max and Tim having been doing; unpacking, organizing, cataloging and putting these great effects and illusions on the Hocus Pocus website. The Showroom is packed to overflowing! Now, this is what I love…

Magic Brains?

One of my favorite illusions that we’ve received recently is this one-of-a-kind Sword Basket which was custom made to look like a brain! Not only do you get a brain, but you get the stand it is sitting on and some very cool looking “light saber” type swords (they look like they are right out of Star Wars!). I love this business!



Brain Sword Basket – an actual custom made illusion!

Happy Father’s Day

It’s coming up on the third Sunday in June which can only mean one thing, Father’s Day is here!

When I was a kid my father worked six, sometimes seven days a week so when Father’s Day came around it was a very special day in our home. My Dad would sleep in and my sister Jan and I would make him breakfast, usually cinnamon toast. After that, the entire family would pile in the car and go visit my grandfather to wish him a happy Father’s Day. And, best of all, on the way home from grandpa’s, we would stop and get a root beer freeze at Fosters. That evening, Mom would make Dad’s favorite meal with his favorite dessert afterwards. It was a great tradition that I cherished.

And now, my kids and my grandson will be making the trip to my house to celebrate Father’s Day. We’ll have a barbeque in the afternoon and maybe a root beer freeze afterward (hint, hint). A new tradition to be cherished.


Paul with grandson Zachary

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,


Regal Rides!

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A Regal Day

Wow! Wow, again!

This is how I still feel about the David Regal Workshop conducted at Hocus Pocus last weekend.

David outdid himself — what started out as a training workshop scheduled for four hours ended up being a six hour magical marathon; he started at 11 a.m. and finished at 5 p.m. That’s right, six hours of intense hands-on training by David Regal; he covered everything from cards to marshmallows! The 50 people in attendance could not have asked for more.

I have seen a lot of lectures and workshops over the years, but I have not seen anything to top this! Thank you, David.

David Regal Workshop at Hocus Pocus

Trade-In Days Have Arrived

We put out the call for Trade-Ins and they have really started arriving! Max, Tim and I have been working furiously all week to get them on the website and we have only made a small dent.  Betty and I are out of the office today so Tim is left working through these piles on his own!

Where to start?

Maybe I should start with the new Baby Gag

Books, books, books and more books at Hocus Pocus

Books, books, books and more books at Hocus Pocus

Tim taking a break from processing all the new Private Estate items!

I’m sure I picked the right day to have a day off! And, of course, no blog is complete without a guest lecturer riding the Hocus Pocus Kangaroo.

David Regal riding the Kangaroo at Hocus Pocus

David Regal riding the Kangaroo at Hocus Pocus

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,


Beginnings and Endings

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The Wedding

Last weekend Betty and I, and our family and friends, celebrated the marriage of our son and now daughter-in-law, Cole and Amanda. It was a beautiful and touching ceremony (and it isn’t just me saying this – everyone said this) and a fantastic party afterwards! We danced the night away (well maybe not me so much, but everyone else) and wished them well as they started their new life together. Congratulations Cole and Amanda!

Cole and Amanda with the wedding party

Cole and Amanda

The proud parents – Paul and Betty

More Acquisitions

We had a very full week, with literally truckloads of Private Estate acquisitions arriving. Max and I, and a few extra people, have spent the last few days unpacking and then sorting through all these great new Private Estate items. Right now, I look at all these illusions and effects and don’t even know where to start, it seems like such a huge project. It will take a good week or two to get everything on the website, but we are working diligently to get this done!  Be sure to check the Private Estate category frequently because these items aren’t going to be around for long!

Paul and Max surveying a load of Private Estate items

RIP Tony Blanco

My friend, Tony Blanco, passed away earlier this week; the cancer just got the best of him. Tony died peacefully at home with the knowledge that people cared for him. The many, many well wishes he received on his Facebook page; the visits to his home;  and the Fresno magicians who participated in the auction to raise money all showed him that people cared and he would be missed. In the end, this is what made him happy.

When someone dies you start to reflect on your own relationship with that person and the others around you. Tony and I have been friends for a long time, he was a great magician and performer and even worked at Hocus Pocus for a few years. As is the case with many friendships, we didn’t always see eye-to-eye and we had some arguments, but in the end we were always friends and knew we could rely on each other to be there if needed; our friendship always survived the ups and downs. I will truly miss Tony and the times  when he dropped in just to visit.

Tony will be remembered by friends June 6 with a night of entertainment at Full Circle Brewing Co. that is open to the public. “An Evening to Remember Tony Blanco”  at Full Circle Brewing Co., 620 F St., Fresno. It will include performances plus raffle and auction items to help with medical and funeral expenses. 6:30 p.m. Suggested donation $10.

I hope to see you there.

Have a great weekend with your family and friends.

Until next time,