While The Boss Is Away

As you have probably figured out from the title of this blog, Betty and Paul are out of the office today. They are on a buying excursion in the hinterlands of California acquiring Vintage and Antique Magic effects and illusions for the Private Estate collection — all this for you, the Hocus Pocus member .

Yesterday, Betty and Paul reported back that they had a truckload of great items to bring back to the warehouse and they are still looking this morning before heading back to Fresno. They worked very hard all day yesterday, however, they were able to take the time to meet up with Gerald and Marilyn Kirchner of Magic City for dinner. Nice pay off for a day of hard work!

The Kirchners and Paul having a great dinner!

So, what does Betty and Paul’s excursion mean for you? It means starting this Monday (actually last night because they already put some Private Estate items on the website) you will see a lot of new Private Estate items on the website, items we haven’t seen around here in a very long time. What does this mean to us? It means we are going to be very, very busy with sorting, cataloging, photographing and entering product starting first thing Monday morning! So, while the bosses are away…

Max is the ONLY one that played while the bosses were away. Try as he might, he couldn’t quite ride the world’s smallest bike…where’s a clown when you need one?


Today we were surprised with a visit from the Barry Family. They were driving through Fresno and stopped by to see Hocus Pocus for their first time.  We were especially excited to meet Griffin Barry, who is Magic Castle Junior! Max gave them the tour through the showroom and both Max and Tim helped them sort through and select some estate items that haven’t even made it to the website. We always love meeting fellow magicians and thank the Barry’s for dropping in at Hocus Pocus.

The Barry family with Max at Hocus Pocus

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,

Paul’s People


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