Holy Cow! It is HOT!

It has been hot all across the country this past week; I think the news said that 2500 high temperature records were set last weekend! We’ve been over 100 degrees in the Fresno area for the past six days, climaxing with a WHOPPING 110 degrees yesterday.  I believe you can feel the difference in every single degree over 100; it is just unbearable and I feel for everyone out there who has been suffering through this heat wave. It is still going to be over 100 degrees today, but the GOOD NEWS is that the heat wave is going to break tomorrow when it will be a COOL 99 degrees! Although I know 99 degrees is a high temperature in some places, it is the normal temperature for Fresno in the month of July (with the nights dropping down to about 69 degrees). Me and my garden are very excited about the temperature dropping!

Great Performances

I see a lot of trailers for new product introductions and some of them are such standouts that I will watch them again and again. I just love watching a great entertainer’s performance, when they combine magic with showmanship, nothing can beat it.

Stati-Kid by Tom Burgoon and Hanky Panky by Scott Alexander & Puck are two such trailers – they both combine great magic with great showmanship which adds up to top entertainment. Take a look at these, I think you will agree…

First up is Stati-Kid by Tom Burgoon…

And here comes Hanky Panky by Scott Alexander & Puck

Trevor Duffy Lecture – This Monday Night!

We’re all gearing up for the Trevor Duffy lecture this Monday

night. I’m sure it will prove to be a very entertaing evening as we see Trevor show us his very very unique blend of magic and comedy. His magic encompasses close-up and platform shows, tricks with coins, thin cards, bank notes and special innovations with clothing and playing cards.

In this lecture, Trevor also shares valuable ideas based on fascinating, and sometimes tough, experiences he has had. If you’re in the Fresno area you will not want to miss this lecture! I hope to see you Monday night.

Visiting Magician

Magician Bryan Lake stopped in for a visit today and Tim gave him the Grand Tour of the Hocus Pocus Showroom and facilities. I say it a lot, but we do enjoy meeting you – please drop in for a visit!

Tim Mannix with Bryan Lake in the Hocus Pocus Showroom

The Next Generation

The other day I was teaching my grandson, Zachary, how to perform with Eddie Ace’s Hand-Carved Sponge Rabbits. At 18 months old he is showing real promise. I’m telling you, this kid is a natural! Not only was he using the Sponge Rabbits (and showing very good taste by selecting the Eddie Ace Rabbits), but he selected some new hot items (notice the authoritative finger pointing) and the magic wand handling was superior.  I couldn’t be prouder!

Zachary helping out Grandpa in the office

Have a great weekend – I hope it’s cooler for you.

Until next time,



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