Spider Pen Pro is HERE!

It’s Here!

Finally! Spider Pen Pro by Yigal Mesika arrived this week. The customers were anxiously awaiting this long overdue effect so everyone, customers and employees, were so happy when it arrived. We had them unpacked and shipped out within hours.

Spider Pen Pro in the Hocus Pocus warehouse

The chat boards are already “lighting up” with rave reviews for Spider Pen Pro. From the leading brand in the art of levitations comes the new gold standard in IT reels. When you put your hands on the state of the art engineering in the Spider Pen Pro, your levitations and animations will look like Hollywood’s special effects. Nothing else comes close. The break through, patented Soul Technology allows you to take your mind off of the method and lets you focus on your magic, giving you the undeniable edge for mastering levitations and animations. Take a look at the video and read more…

Just A Chip Off The Ole Block

This week Max, my son, took over the promotional reins at Hocus Pocus. Max will be starting his Junior year at the University as an Entrepreneur/Marketing major so I had him practice his “stuff” this week. He came up with a promotion on our Estate Pre-Owned Books and I have to tell you it was a HUGE success! We sold hundreds of books and our customers got a great deal in the process. So, of course, I then asked what he was going to do for an encore. Take a look at today’s FREE Stuff Friday promotion. That’s Max’s encore. I think I’ll give him a standing ovation.

Ralph Adams Sword Basket

This is it! This is one of the most exciting items to arrive at Hocus Pocus in awhile. This is an ORIGINAL Ralph Adams Sword Basket. And since only six were EVER personally constructed by Ralph Adams, it would be a RARE piece of magic in anyone’s collection. Here is a feature illusion that can be done anywhere … even close up … even SURROUNDED by spectators. This specially-made basket is so small in appearance and so deceptive that it will fool the experts! The basket is made of sturdy wood and painted to resemble a woven Indian basket.  Read more and see the online video…

Original Ralph Adams Sword Basket at Hocus Pocus

One For The Old Timers

For all you “old-timers” like me…I found this video clip on the internet and just knew I had to share it with you on the blog.  This is Jay Marshall and his hand puppet Lefty filmed in the fall of 1996 in the theater at Magic Inc. in front of a lay audience. What a great performer…He was one of magic’s most beloved figures and a walking encyclopedia of magic knowledge. I hope you enjoy this video clip as much as I do…

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,



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