Yep, you read that correctly. The Hocus Pocus BIG EVENT is back!

It’s been two years since the last Big Event. We stopped holding it because of time and space constraints, BUT  we have had so many requests for and inquiries about the Big Event in the last few months that I changed my mind and we’ve scheduled it. Never say never!

The Big Event will be held on Saturday, September 22. There will be the Swap Meet part of the event where various vendors will be selling magic effects, props, etc at rock bottom prices. The Swap Meet admission is FREE, it starts at 9 a.m. and closes at 3:30 p.m. The Lectures part of the Big Event will start at 10 a.m., run throughout the day and close with our FEATURED lecturer, World Famous Magician, Daryl at 3:30 p.m. There will be $30 charge for the entire four lecture package. The entire event takes place at Hocus Pocus in Fresno, CA. We are centrally located which makes for an easy day trip from Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Central Coast and other regions of California.


There will be lectures throughout the day (starting at 10 a.m.), the lecturers are Suds, Dick Barry , Angelo Stagnaro and of course, Daryl. The entire lecture package, all four lectures, is just $30. You can’t beat that! Seating is extremely limited so you don’t want to delay buying the lecture package.

World Champion Magician, Daryl, is internationally acknowledged as “The Magician’s Magician”. He is much sought after, world-wide, as a professional performing magician, lecturer, and keynote speaker. He has invented magic for many famous TV magicians and brings you some of the finest, most practical magic in the world. Betty and I have seen Daryl perform on many occasions and we love his performances – one of the best entertainers out there and there is much to be learned from him.


Daryl’s 4FXII (Four F Twelve) Lecture

From Daryl:

Even more so than usual, this special lecture contains a wide variety of procatical and PERFORMABLE magic. Close-Up Magic, Stage Magic, Impromptu, Angle-Proof, Quickly Re-Set, Finish Clean, Easy to Learn, etc., etc. This has always been my favorite type of magic and this lecture is full of it!

Hers’ a list of what this brand new lecture includes:

  • Comedy Surprise Torn & Restored Paper routine
  • Color Changing Backs routine
  • Rope Through Neck
  • Ropes through Body
  • Cards to the Fourth Dimension and BACK!
  • A totally impromptu Chink-a-Chink effect
  • Dai Vernon Dice Routine
  • Tri-Ropes
  • Impromptu Rise
  • Totally Impromptu Cup & Ball Routine
  •        Theory & Principal
  •         Effectless method
  •         A Backwards Classic
  • My First Magic Trick
  • Passage of Thought!
  • Daryl’s Favorite Trick

Great fun, great tricks, and great answers to your questions, at no extra charge!

Ted “Suds” Sudbrack is a very inventive guy — a virtual walking encyclopedia of knowledge and experience garnered through many decades of experience in the art of magic.

Known by many as a magic dealer, Suds has created many effects that are distributed throughout the magic fraternity to great response and appeal. Suds travels across North America to conventions bringing his magic effects and unique props to countless family entertainers.

Suds is a Past President and lifetime member of the Orange County Magic Club, a past president of the PCAM and a lifetime member of Ring 21.

Dick Barry – After 20 years of entertaining on cruise ships, Dick Barry is now giving Lecture Tours around the country. You can learn great stage and close-up magic that packs small, plays big, and is easy to perform.

Dick has mastered the art of entertaining large audiences and close-up shows as well. Discover the secrets of the Magic Castle act that won him 7 nominations for Best Parlour Magician at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Many of the original effects from his book Magic with Class are demonstrated and fully explained. There will be something for everyone! Dick has been a performing magician at the MAGIC CASTLE for 25 years!

Dick Barry

Angelo Stagnaro (whose stage name is “Erasmus”) performs as a magician and mentalist and divides his time between Europe and North America.

Stagnaro’s books on mentalism and cold reading have been translated into four languages and are considered seminal in the art. The first book of Angelo Stagnaro’s Psi-Books Series is aptly named Conspiracy. It is a textbook on practical mentalism and concentrates on partnered codes and other secret arrangements between a mentalist and his confederate.  Another of his books, Something from Nothing, explores the topic of cold reading on a very practical level. The title was chosen to express the idea that the mentalist should be able to come on stage unaided and, with nothing in hand, simply read a spectator’s mind.

Angelo “Erasmus” Stagnaro


The tent for the parking lot is ordered, the tables and chairs have been reserved, the Taco Truck has been scheduled… The Swap Meet will be open to the public at 9 a.m. We have many vendors already lined up who will be selling their magic at rock bottom prices and, of course, Hocus Pocus will also be adding some magic at rock bottom prices to the Swap Meet assortment.

Here are two things that alone will make it worth your while to attend the Big Event.

First, we have a Private Collector, who prefers to remain anonymous that is bringing a collection of 60 years of magic props, books, puppets, marionettes, ventriloquist figures, DVDs, etc. It is a major coup for us to get him here. He has collected magic from all over the world for over 60 years and is bringing it to the Hocus Pocus Big Event. He told me it was going to take two days to load the truck with the items he is bringing. I went nuts when I saw his collection and I know you will go nuts, too!

Secondly, the Hocus Pocus Showroom will be open during the Swap Meet!  If you haven’t been here, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Come feast your eyes on vintage and antique magic collectibles that you have only ever dreamed of seeing. Take a look at our new Hocus Pocus Showroom tour video:

Don’t forget to put the Big Event on your calendar!

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,



2 Responses to “The BIG EVENT is BACK!”

  1. William DeWaal Says:

    Thanks for posting this Paul, I enjoyed the tour.

  2. Greg Oznowich Says:

    I love the new showroom tour…beautiful. What a magical place.

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