You Just Never Know Who’s Going To Show Up…

Magician in the House!

This week we were treated to a visit by Charlotte Pendragon. We just received Charlotte’s Wonderball last week and now we had her in person at Hocus Pocus this week. It was great visiting and sharing stories and I’m always thrilled to have a professional magician visit us. When Charlotte spotted the original Ralph Adams Sword Basket in the showroom (see in the picture below) she shared that of the five ever made by Ralph Sr., one was for her act in 1977 and it was Ralph that taught her how to perform the basket. Now it was definitely time for a photo op!  And speaking of the Wonderball…Inspired by the dancing cane, the simple and unique mechanics employed when performing the Wonderball allows the magician a variety of mind twisting moves and the possibilities are endless for further creativity. Checkout the video below and then read more here… 


Paul Gross, Charlotte Pendragon and Randy Lessley with Charlotte’s Wonderball and the Ralph Adams Sword Basket (on the right) at Hocus Pocus

New York, New York

Hey, all you New Yorkers! Max is getting ready to go on his first trip to the Big Apple at the end of next week. He’s looking for suggestions…sites, sounds, food, whatever…any suggestions? Email

Lazy Days of Summer

Betty and I took the family on a much needed break from the heat and work when we spent last weekend at Pismo Beach.  I have many times extolled the virtues of living in Fresno because of its close proximity to the best that California has to offer and last weekend just reinforced that belief. It was so hot in Fresno, and in 2 1/2 hours we were at the beach and needed to wear sweaters and jackets. The cool down felt so good…although our timing might have been a little off because it is going to be even hotter in Fresno this weekend, the temperature is expected to spike to 110 degrees!

The Kids: Max and Lindsay; Renee, Jonathan and Zachary; Cole and Amanda

The entire family enjoying lunch in Pismo Beach

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,



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