Less Than 30 Days to Go…

Hocus Pocus Newsletter

This week we emailed the fourth edition of the Hocus Pocus Newsletter. I wanted to write a Newsletter for the longest time and finally issued the first one in May. I know it was long overdue, but we’re there now.

The newsletter is meant to be forum by which we can share our love, knowledge and insight of magic with you. We hope to let you in on some of the great magic effects and illusions, old and new, that are currently available; featured performers and makers; what is going on in the world of magic; and maybe a few history lessons and stories. The newsletter comes out mid-month and is sent to our entire mailing list. If you’re a member and you’re not receiving the Hocus Pocus Newsletter, please contact us and we’ll get you on the Newsletter mailing list.  I would love to hear from you, the Hocus Pocus member and magician, on what you would like to see in the newsletter. Give me a call!

UPDATE August 27 – The BIG Event has been POSTPONED

Due to scheduling conflicts the BIG Event must be postponed. We will reschedule the BIG Event at a later day. Thank you for your interest!

The BIG Event is getting closer and we need everyone to make their reservations!

The BIG Event Lecture Package featuring Daryl, Suds, Dick Barry and Angelo Stagnaro. Four lectures, one low price $30! Saturday, Sept 22 at Hocus Pocus

The Swap Meet is FREE, but we still need reservations so we know how many people to expect and it doesn’t become overcrowded. RESERVE your FREE Swap Meet ticket here…

If you’re attending the Lecture Package on Saturday or the Daryl Workshop on Sunday, your Swap Meet reservation is automatic.The Lecture package features Daryl, Suds, Dick Barry and Angelo Stagnaro. All lecturing on one day, Saturday, September 22 at Hocus Pocus. A day not to be missed! Click here to reserve the Lecture Package ($30 for 4 Lectures).

The Daryl Workshop will take place on Sunday, September 23.

World Champion magician, Daryl, is known by his peers around the globe as “The Magician’s Magician” because he represents the best of the best in the highly specialized world of close-up magic.

This Two-hour Hands On Teaching Workshop will be completely different from that which will be taught in the lecture. Daryl will personally GUARANTEE each and every student’s COMPLETE satisfaction. Click here to read more about what will be included in this workshop and  make your reservation for the Daryl Workshop here ($20).

To Sell or Not To Sell

That was the question.  I kept changing my mind — should I keep it or not. Finally, I decided to sell the Vintage German Talking Skull. This Skull at one time belonged to Buma at the House of Magic and was then passed down to

Vintage German Talking Skull

me by his son, and I have had it in my office for well over 20 years.While it does hold a lot of sentimental value for me, because it belonged to Buma, my mentor, I decided maybe it was time for someone else to have this fine example of German craftsmanship for use in their act or in their collection.

Take a look at this gem…it is hand-made; it has lasted this long and is in great condition because of the materials it is made of…seriously, it looks like it has been stored away for preservation, rather than being on display in my office.

I’m already feeling seller’s remorse so I don’t know if I will be able to keep this on the website and actually sell it. We’ll see.

Back To The Grind

Max – first day of junior year in college Fall 2012

Max is back at school this week.

Betty and I don’t know where the years have gone and how we could possible be this old, but our baby is a third year college student!

Max has started his junior year of college and is now at California State University Fresno. He will still be working with us at Hocus Pocus and with his major in Business Entrepreneurship I’m sure it is only a matter of time before he starts offering advice on how to run the business!

Have a good weekend.

Until next time,



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