The Boss’ Birthday

This weekend is Paul’s birthday so we let him have a few days off; it seemed only fitting since he is the boss.


As you know, one of Paul’s favorite subjects to talk about in the blog is his grandson, Zachary. Max took this great picture of Zachary, who will be a pirate for Halloween, in Paul’s backyard. Just like Grandpa, Zachary likes to water the garden when he arrives. He has an entire standard routine for his backyard adventures (and we know all pirates have adventures) which include not only watering, but visiting the birds inside the birdcage, petting and kissing the stone deer, feeding the koi in the pond and pretty much following grandpa around. Grandpa loves every minute of it!

Zachary The Pirate in Paul’s backyard

Paul has other topics that he regularly likes to talk about in the Blog, but this week we’re keeping it simple.


Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Paul’s People


2 Responses to “The Boss’ Birthday”

  1. Greg Oznowich Says:

    Happy Birthday Paul!

  2. michele mcallister Says:

    Happy,happy belated birthday PAUL!!!! Sure hope you and Betty had a terrific and relaxing time away.
    Looking forward to my appointment this week!

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