Thank You!

Every now and then I sit back, take a breath, look around me and think, Wow, this is the life.

I am surrounded by family, who are happy and in good health, and I work in an industry that I love. Not everyone is lucky enough to say that; which is very unfortunate for them. Since your job takes up a good amount of your waking time (at least it does for me), life is much better if you like what you do.

One of the reasons I like what I do is YOU!

I speak with magicians, members, customers and suppliers all day long, five days a week and I get that positive feedback that keeps me going. I’m not saying we don’t get complaints and there isn’t the occasional problem order, but when that does happen I always strive to handle them with honesty and integrity and solve the problem immediately. I have found over the years that when you treat people with honesty and integrity, that is how you are then treated in return. It makes every conversation end on a positive note and that is why I am thankful for you; because you apparently think the same way and we’re all happy in the end! Hmmm…Sounds suspiciously like the Golden Rule to me.

I am also very thankful for your continued support of me and Hocus Pocus. You have choices on who to do business with and everyone here at Hocus Pocus works hard every day to make sure we have earned your support, trust and business by always acting with honesty and integrity. I hope we’re succeeding in your eyes.

Thank you from everyone at Hocus Pocus.

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,



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