The Holidays are Here!

Zachary the Pirate with his mom and dad.

Assuming that you celebrate it, I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

This was my grandson Zachary’s first official Halloween and he dressed up as a pirate. It’s funny how quickly they come to understand the concept of “dress-up-and-get-candy-for-free.”

I bought a little Purple People-Eater that danced to the “Purple People-Eater” tune every time you pushed a button. Zachary got the biggest kick out of it and would laugh and laugh every time the People-Eater would dance. I’m sure my daughter was thinking of me into the night as Zachary was probably still pushing that button hours later.

Having recently transplanted here from L.A., Tim didn’t expect to be doing any Halloween shows this season. But luckily, at the last moment he got a call, so he ended up performing four back-to-back shows.

Tim between his 3rd & 4th Halloween show!

Fortunately, they were at the same venue. Tim said the crowds were very receptive to his comedy and that everyone had a great time.

The Tricks of His Trade…

We got some excellent coverage from the local ABC affiliate here in Fresno, Channel 30, as part of a trick-or-treat theme, when they came out to do a profile on our business. It’s amazing how much ground they covered in just a few short minutes. We really owe Mariana Jacobs and her team a debt of gratitude for making us look so good.

It was fun having them here and seeing how enthusiastic even non-magicians get when they visit our showroom. If you’d like, check out the video by clicking on the link below:

2013 Tenyo Products Released

Tenyo’s new standout 2013 product!

In keeping with the holiday spirit, Tenyo releases four new products at about this time  each year. As of this writing, they have been shipped and they’re on their way to our doorstep.

This year’s offering includes Card Surgery, which we believe is the standout for 2013. It’s definitely worth your consideration.

I should mention that pre-orders come with free shipping worldwide! Take a look by clicking on the image to the left.

Holidays Upon Us

Can you believe how quickly the holidays are approaching? Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and then Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s. Better get my shopping list ready.

Betty and I are taking off a bit early this afternoon to go to the Fresno Fall Home Improvement Show with friends.

Until next time,



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