Almost Turkey Time

It hard to believe that we’re on the eve of Thanksgiving. Where has the year gone?

You can definitely feel that the holidays are in the air. We’ve been preparing for the onslaught of the Christmas shopping rush, and of course Black Friday.

Petrie-Lewis Rosebush

Petrie-Lewis Blooming Rosebush, Circa 1963

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”Abraham Lincoln

You never know what’ll come through the door. Yesterday a very RARE P&L Rosebush came in, and one thing is for sure, you will be rejoicing if you’re the LUCKY new owner of this Petrie-Lewis Rosebush!

Manufactured circa 1963, this is one of the most desirable pieces of magic apparatus in existence. The Petrie-Lewis Blooming Rosebush is a mechanical marvel.  The effect is enchanting to witness, and could be the highlight of any show, or the perfect piece to have on display in your home or office just waiting for someone to amaze.

This is believed to be one of the last rosebushes manufactured by the legendary Petrie-Lewis Company and was purchased from Joe Berg in the last days of his magic shop in Hollywood, California. The fellow who was its proud owner actually worked at Joe Berg’s Magic Shop as a young man and purchased it directly from him. So it’s coming from its ONE-and-ONLY original owner.

I cannot accurately describe to you how magical this rosebush appears to be as it slowly and silently blooms 10 roses.  And it’s completely mechanical, no humming motors, no remotes to fail.  The illusion of blooming flowers is perfect.  You can substitute REAL roses for the faux flowers, and toss them to the ladies in the audience for an added astonishment.

She’s BACK, but NOT for long!

Marketed at the time as “IMPROVED” due to additional foliage that made the bush appear to be real even from a short distance.  Without question, one of the NICEST ones we’ve EVER seen.

She’s BACK!

When we heard she was making a brief comeback, we knew we had to have her back here at Hocus Pocus. In fact, we like here so much we bought the remaining stock that our distributor had on hand. What am I talking about? Why, Mona Lisa 2 by Alpha Magic!

After a lengthy absence from production, Mona Lisa 2 by Alpha Magic is BACK! Through an EXCLUSIVE arrangement with the manufacturer, we have purchased all the remaining inventory of this incredible effect and are offering our customers a last chance to obtain one at an incredible 30% OFF!

This is the LAST CALL on this item. There will be NO MORE made after this run! Check out the video:

Mona Lisa 2 now offers TWO performance options for repeat performances!  Due to its simplicity and straightforward premise, this effect is quickly becoming an instant classic in the world of magic!

3 Wise Men on Tour

John Fowlston, Len Cohen, Barry Sokolsky and me.

This week Len Cohen, Barry Sokolsky and John Fowlston took a road trip to visit our showroom to see some of the new collectible items we’ve gotten in, and that continue coming in weekly.

John had never been here before, so he was somewhat awestruck and delighted, as most are when they first lay eyes on this place.

We all had a good time and it was fun talking shop with them and hearing about some of their adventures in magic over the years.

Until next time,



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