It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Santa's elves have infiltrated the place.

Santa’s elves have infiltrated the place.

Betty and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the kids at my mother-in-law’s house. We cooked not one, but TWO turkeys and enough food to feed a small militia. The food was utterly delicious and we all had a good time. We sent everyone home with plenty of leftovers for the week. I trust your Thanksgiving was as pleasant as ours.

Decorating is Serious Business

As has become our family custom, over the weekend we decorated the house inside and out. Betty and I were in charge of the indoor decorations and the exterior was handled by my sons, their friends, my son-in-law Jonathan and Tim. By the time all was said and done it was — wait for it — MAGICAL! But, seriously, it did look great.

Rudolf and the Abominable Snowman light up the shipping area.

Rudolf and Abominable Snowman light up the shipping area

Meanwhile back at the shop, the girls in the shipping department got into action decorating for the Christmas season. The place now looks more like Santa’s workshop than a magic warehouse.  Between the radio dialed to a “Christmas-Music-Only” station and the holiday décor, it really helps everyone get more into the spirit of the season.

Holiday Kickoff

Thanks to you, our fine customers, the Black Friday weekend proved good to us. There were some very good deals to be had and you took advantage of them.

After the holiday weekend concluded, we were back at it early Monday morning, preparing and shipping packages to all points on the globe. Frank Thurston was in town having performed a show the evening before and gave us a hand getting the many packages out the door to waiting customers.

Frank Thurston helped us get packages out.

Frank Thurston helped us get packages out.

It was most gratifying to see that so many of you participated in our DoorBusters, Holiday Kickoff and Holiday Helper events…again, our thanks.

It’s Nice to be Appreciated

It must be Christmastime; Chris Kenworthy's annual goodies have arrived!

Chris Kenworthy’s goodies arrive each year!

We got a nice surprise in the mail from Chris Kenworthy, it’s becoming a annual tradition each year that he sends us several boxes of caramel-covered marshmallows and several tins of See’s butterscotch lollipops.

Abbott's Gigantic Garden of Flowers

Abbott’s Gigantic Garden of Flowers

Chris wrote the nicest note thanking us for all we do and for bringing magic to the people 365 days a year.  Chris you’re making Hocus Pocus a VERY popular stop with our delivery providers. We wholeheartedly thank you Chris for the treats!

They Come & They Go

Just this week we got in several vintage Abbott pieces, a Gigantic Garden of Flowers and a circa 1960’s Abbott’s Where Do the Ducks Go?

Of course, period props such as these always take me back to my boyhood dreams of becoming the next GREAT American stage magician like my idols Mark Wilson and Harry Blackstone, Jr….I guess my dreams of a stage career and of having these two great props are just going to have to wait.

There Goes the "Where to the Ducks Go?" and Gigantic Garden of Flowers

There goes the “Where to the Ducks Go?”

I must admit, I really wanted to keep these props around just for my own enjoyment, but in less than 24 hours we were packing them up to be shipped out to their new owner. I know they will be aptly appreciated as their new home will be with one of our loyal customers. But, that’s the way things go around here. If you see something you like, better nab it before some other lucky guy gets it.

Besides, there’s always next week’s mail. Who knows what will show up? Stay tuned as we’re always getting new items in.

Until next time my friends,



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