It’s Like Christmas Already!

Lee Grabel became recognized as America's No. 1 Magician.

Lee Grabel became recognized as America’s No. 1 Magician.

It’s funny, each time I sit to begin composing the blog, I’m initially at a loss as to what I’m going to write, until I begin to review the week. What am I thinking? There’s been LOT going on here! Namely two really choice pieces of magic history found their way to us — and BOTH arriving in the same week.

What are the Odds?

As I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — you just never know what’s going to come through these doors. This week, out of the clear blue sky, we got in Lee Grabel’s own personal Broom Suspension Illusion and a Tampa/Thurston Arenholz Snake Basket with provenance.

Lee Grabel's Broom!

Lee Grabel’s Broom Suspension…wow!

Two in ONE week! What are the odds of that happening? I think it’s utterly amazing!

On my shortlist of favorite performers has to include Lee Grabel.  Lee Grabel is a magician and illusionist of worldwide reputation. He stands as a living legend in magic and is recognized by many as the last of the grand masters in the tradition of Herrmann, Kellar, Thurston, Tampa and Dante. He was the man upon whom Dante, just prior to his death, bestowed the title to continue his magnificent show. So, to have his actual broom suspension it quite a thrill. I’m hoping it lingers here with us for a while since it’s a thrill just to have it in our possession.

W.J. Arenholz Snake Basket owned by both Thurston & Tampa.W.J. Arenholz Snake Basket owned by both Thurston & Tampa.

W.J. Arenholz Snake Basket owned by both Thurston & Tampa.

And then, within a day, we received an authentic W.J. Arenholz Snake Basket. This is the real McCoy. The intricate mechanism that drives the snake’s action is partially composed of a gramophone motor. It come complete with winding crank, cords, brass rods, two snakes and P&L table base on which the mechanical tabletop sits.

If you not familiar with the effect, a card is chosen, noted and returned to the deck, which is thrown into a woven wicker basket along with an imitation snake. Miraculously, the serpent rises from the basket (lifting its lid in the process) clutching the selected card in its mouth. The fact that both Howard Thurston and Tampa owned this prop AND used it in their shows is itself rare and exceptional. It’s truly an honor to have this historic article of magic with us for a time.

They Always Seem To Come In Three’s!

I’m happy to let you know about three outstanding effects that have recently been released. They are: Blank Night By John Archer, a superb version of Bank Night that fooled Penn & Teller on their U.K. show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Siri-ously by Jimmy H Magic, a modernized version of the classic Banana Bandana using the iPhone’s Siri, and the Vortex of Refreshment by David Regal….a Chinese Egg Bag on steroids, featuring the brilliance of David’s ingenuity to resurrect an old concept making it fresh, new and relevant.

All three of these effects are nothing short of excellent!

Can’t Find Something You Want?

Santa knows where to shop for the BEST magic!

Santa knows where to shop for the BEST magic!

As is customary with the season, we’ve been busy getting orders out as fast as possible so our customers receive their magic before the much anticipated holidays. We know that many of you are working performers and require props for your show. As a rule, if you order an item before 3pm Pacific Standard Time, we get it out THAT SAME DAY. We do our utmost to ensure orders go out as quickly as humanly possible.

If you’re seeking a particular effect or prop and you don’t see it currently listed on our site, call or email us!  Over the years we’ve established many relationships with vendors and suppliers, so we’ll do everything in our power to find it for you. Just say the word.

This weekend Betty and I are being entrusted once again to look after my grandson, so I’m going to continue my vigorous campaign to spoil that kid as best I can.

Until next time,



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