Run Rudolph Run!

Christmas_BannerLast night Betty and I went to see my grandson Zachary in his theatrical debut, a holiday performance. Zachary’s exact role in the production was kept secret from the general public, but I suspected he would be playing a reindeer since he was required to wear brown pants and a matching shirt.

I knew my instincts were spot on when I spied Zachary donning a pair of reindeer antlers.

The rogue reindeer and his grandparents.

The rogue reindeer and his grandparents.

The program was comprised mostly of singing, joke-telling and overall cuteness. The older children were first, followed by the slightly younger ones, then finally Zachary’s  group, the very youngest ones. As the program progressed, we noticed a pair of reindeer antlers running down the aisle prompting someone in our group to say, “Hey, look at that kid!”

Apparently, one of the reindeer had broken free from the herd and one of teachers was in hot pursuit. Of course, the place busted up with laughter and it made it even funnier that it was my grandson Zachary!

When it was time for the reindeer to take the stage, they were positioned on short risers and fed marshmallows and Chex Party Mix to keep them at bay. But wouldn’t you know, Zachary made another run for the border, bolting immediately stage-left. The preschool teacher was too quick for him though, so he quickly rejoined the others in the reindeer games.

You could not have choreographed it better had you been staging a comedy act. But, how could the poor kid resist? After all, show business is in his blood!

We all had a great time and I was proud of my grandson following in the footsteps of family tradition by stealing the show.

Tanika Twigg with First Lady Michelle Obama

Tanika Twigg with First Lady Michelle Obama

Heaven’s Got Another New Talent

We were saddened to hear of the loss of our good friend Tanika Twigg, a wonderfully talented entertainer, balloon artist, and painter who lived here in the Central Valley.

Tanika grew up raising horses and was by all accounts a natural. She had an innate sense with animals and she and her horse Kimi had a very close bond. She also became a seasoned pro showing her beloved Dalmatians and Great Danes at many a dog show.

Tanika was a frequent visitor here to Hocus Pocus and was always full of hugs and smiles. She stayed open to learning new things constantly honing her performance skills and preparing her act to take to the next level. One of Tanika’s proudest achievements was performing in Los Angeles for the First Lady.

Tanika’s authentic warmth, youthful energy, zest for life and uplifting personality will be greatly missed.

What trick awaits you under the tree?

What trick awaits you under the tree?

Busy, Busy, Busy!

As the countdown to Christmas closes in, we continue getting orders out as quickly as possible. Yesterday, the postman nearly swallowed his tongue as he was taken aback to see SEVEN fully stuffed mail bags ready to ship out. And our FedEx man and UPS are staying plenty busy as well.

Recently, we’ve had some great new effects added to our catalog. Take our poll to find out which new trick is the hottest. You can vote for up to two different effects.

Remember, generally speaking, if you order before 3pm Pacific Standard Time, we can get it out THAT SAME DAY. We know how eager you are to get your packages, so we do our utmost to ensure orders go out as speedily as possible.

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  1. Greg Oznowich Says:

    Happy Holidays Paul!

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