Frankenstein Started it All

This guy started it all for me.

This guy started it all for me.

Now that it’s winter, it makes it difficult for me to engage in my favorite pastime, which is gardening. I usually spend the better part of Saturday out there clipping, weeding, watering, raking. For me, it’s total bliss. I love it!

However, due to the cold & wet weather, my gardening activities are curtailed for the season. So, Saturdays are open for me, until recently.

I’ve once again returned to one of my boyhood passions, another hobby of mine, building models — MONSTER models that is…

I Was Nuts About Them as a Kid!

Aurora_Monster_Models_Ad_LgYou see, from the first moment I saw Frankenstein on the display at Triple JJJ Drugstore, I knew I had to have him. He was so cool-looking and painted to the max. The entire back wall of the store was covered with models, so I logged a lot of hours in Triple JJJ.

In those days, the display drew you in, and the nicely stacked boxes next to the display listed everything required for you too to become a Monster Model builder.  You could assemble and paint your model to end up looking exactly like the model on display. I was in.

My dad bought me Frank and that was the very start of my lengthy association with my fascination and with monster models.

Aurora_Movie_Monster_Kits_LgMarvin’s Class is in Session

The plan was for my dad (Marvin) to build the first one, and for me to learn the craft of model assembly. Each evening he’d start building and in the morning, after waking I’d walk into the kitchen to see that a little bit more of the model had been completed. You can imagine my excitement over a two week period as that monster would slowly come together. Day after day, I could see that it emerging, until a finished monster stood fully intact in front of me!

Over time, my dad taught me how to carefully assemble,  glue and paint the models so that I could begin assembling these miraculous Aurora Movie Monster kits myself. After that, there was no slowing me down.

And brother, I had them all; Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, The Creature, Dracula, King Kong, The Mummy, Godzilla, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and the Forgotten Prisoner of Castlemare, just to name a few.

Aurora_Monster_Models_Four_LgAs I kid, I remember the kits sold for $1 and glue cost 10 cents. Now, the kits sell for $29.95 and the glue is $1.49!

My dad actually built me a shelf over my window in my bedroom to display them as I added each new model to my collection.

Why Not, Collect the All

Why Not, Collect Them All

“Oh No, Don’t Tell Me That!”

When my son Cole was younger, I remember purchasing a vintage monster kit from a guy on eBay. It was in brand new, in-the-box, factory-sealed condition, and had never been touched by human hands. He must have thought I too was a collector. I recall spending around $100 bucks for the kit.

When he asked me what I was going to do with it — I told him. “Assemble it for my son!” He must have cringed just thinking of it, emailing me back to say, “Oh no, don’t tell me that!”

Who Was Your Favorite Movie Monster?

I’d be interested in knowing who your favorite movie monster was. You can vote more than once if you like.

I’m hoping maybe my grandson Zachary will get bitten by the Monster Model bug and we can share my long held passion. He’s a little young, so for now, I’ll just keep enjoying them myself and passing the time until Spring comes and I can get back to my garden.

Until next time,



One Response to “Frankenstein Started it All”

  1. My favorite was the Phantom of the Opera, because, at his feet, through a space in the stones, you could see the face of a terrified captive who clutched at the iron bars.

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