Out With The Old, In With The New

Time to say goodbye!

Time to say goodbye!

It’s finally happening. We’re finally getting a new sign. I’m so glad, because every time I look at the one we have I cringe.

Our good friend, magician and all-around clever thinker Patrick Snowden, (you may recall that he is the inventor of the PK Factor) has been working on a new sign for our building. The old sign has been around far too long and it’s moved with us several times over the years.

As you can see by the pictures, it will be a welcome addition to our shop.


Patrick Snowden, an artist as well as a skilled magician and inventor.

Thankfully, we have many talented friends that can help.

Lights, Camera, Showroom!

Since Tim has just completed a bit of a redesign on the showroom, we thought it was high time to reshoot a video giving you, once again, a peek inside the world of Hocus Pocus — or at least the showroom.

Stay tuned, it will be up on the front page very soon.

We’re Absolutely NUTS about Nut Dropper!

The Marvelous Nut Dropper by Matthew Wright is nothing short of brilliant!

The “borrowed item to impossible location” is a classic of magic and for good reason. It always generates great reactions and interest because the props are personal to the spectator. It leaves itself open to great comedy, interaction, tension and suspense. It is an essential part of any good magic act.

The new HOT trick on the scene!

The new HOT trick on the scene!

This special gimmick allows you to instantly load a ring, coin, bill, or any small item inside a walnut, inside a fruit, and all with only ONE hand!

This product is suitable for every type of performer at any level of experience. The routines can be used close-up, parlour or stage and range from completely self working to some very technical knuckle busting sleight-of-hand.

We’re really excited to be the first in the United States to offer this remarkable gimmick to the magic community!

Check out the video below to see.

If you are one of our valued customers in the Northeast portion of the United States, we’ll be thinking of you due to the incoming snowstorm.  Please do stay warm, dry and above all safe.

Until next time,



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