A Visit, a Revisit and a Revision

Jay's Cube A Libre

Jay’s Cube A Libre

A Visit

Our good friend, magician and prop fabricator, Jay Leslie came to visit us this week. Jay has been in the magic business a good long time and moved into manufacturing as well as performing a number of years ago.  A protégé of Jim Swoger, Jay bought the House of Enchantment from him when he retired.

Founding The House of Enchantment back in 1937, James Swoger a prolific inventor, builder and sleight of hand artist became known as “The Plastic King” making hundreds of effects.

The Man in the Moon...literally!

The Man in the Moon…literally!

Today, the House Of Enchantment manufactures and owns the rights to various effects and creations from: Richard Himber, Ricky Dunn, Gerald Kosky, Clint Reidel, Ed Massey, Silent Mora, Don Redmon, Hen Fetsch, U.F. Grant, Harry Stanley, Gene Grant, Jack Hughes, and Milbourne Christopher to name a few.

Jay cut his teeth on amusement park shows like Bush Gardens and has performed well over seven thousand shows. Jay is also phenomenally knowledgeable about magic history and prop making. Frankly, that’s the reason Jay was visiting us here – we have a couple of projects on the blackboard for him to fabricate.

Parker Swan's Doll House

Parker Swan’s Doll House

In the coming months, we’ll be sure and let you know as soon as they come available to the magic fraternity.

A Revisit

The Parker Swan Doll House has always been a clever and well-appreciated production prop for stage or parlour, especially if you produce a live animal such as a rabbit. I recently got in touch with Parker Swan in an effort to come to an agreement to reissue a new version of his well-known effect.

We are very excited that Parker gave us his blessing, and the rights, to start producing The Parker Swan Doll House for the new and upcoming generation of magicians. Jay will be manufacturing them for us and we believe that it will be a great success. Look for it in the coming days ahead. Not to worry, we’ll keep you apprised.

A Revision

Rich Marotta’s celebrated routine, MUGGED, is back on the market and newly updated!

Straight out of Marotta's comedy act!

Straight out of Marotta’s comedy act!

Mugged by Rich Marotta has always been a HOT SELLER, because it’s contemporary, it’s surprising, and quite frankly, it’s hilarious! In fact, every time we’ve had it in the past, it’s been a complete sell-out.

MUGGED comes straight out of Rich Marotta’s comedy act, and tells the story of a mugger’s efforts to rob a magician and how the robber’s attempt is foiled due to the magician’s skill.

The performer relates a story of how he was robbed on the way to his performance. He shows the audience the mugger’s ski mask, then proceeds to reenact the calamity. He drops his currency, watch, and ring into the mask. But of course, the mugger didn’t know that his victim was a magician!

Rich has upgraded all the props involved making it his best version yet!

Zachary Visits

I got a chance to spend the afternoon with my grandson yesterday when his dad dropped him here for a few hours.

Zachary & Max Factor the magic rabbit.

Zachary & Max Factor the magic rabbit.

Zachary got a chance to spend some quality time at grandpa’s workplace, and boy did he have a ball.

Grandpa looks on as Zachary readies his act.

Grandpa looks on as Zachary readies his act.

Zachary was running around, exploring, riding the mechanical Kangaroo, and just basically having a grand time. He got to pet the rabbits, take a couple of candid pics with Max Factor, the magic rabbit and spend time with his grandpa playing with sponge balls of every size and kind.

We start them early at Hocus Pocus!

We start them early at Hocus Pocus!

I know I’m biased, but this is one cute kid.

Talk about a magical afternoon.

Until next time,



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