So Many Products, So Little Time!

Blackpool of yesteryear

Blackpool of yesteryear

Blackpool, England: a borough seaside town, near Lancashire, in North West England. It is situated along England’s northwest coast by the Irish Sea.

Okay. So….what about it?

Well, Blackpool is the site of the world’s LARGEST magic convention which occurs yearly on the last weekend of February. The convention is held in the Winter Gardens, Grand theatre and Opera House and attracts thousands of magicians from all points of the globe. In fact, this year, 2013, approximately 3,600 magicians will attend.

Despite having only around 45 members, the Blackpool Magicians’ Club manages to host the world’s largest Magic Convention. That’s a pretty remarkable endeavor.

The site of the Blackpool Convention.

The site of the Blackpool Convention.

The 3-day convention ensures that attendees are thoroughly entertained by international magic stars, hundreds of magic dealers and a slew of lectures.

There are fresh effects and products launched as part of the convention festivities. And this year’s releases include; VOYEUR, The Wallet Transformer by Cameron Francis, PACKS small PLAYS MASSIVE 2-DVD set, Oasis Book Test, Linkey, Inscrutable, the H.O.W. Wallet, and Hide & Seek.


All ship FREE worldwide. Just click on the wizard above to visit the 2013 Blackpool Releases.

Hot Product Alert

Final_DestinationFinal Destination features a specially made gimmicked coin set allowing you to perform one of the fairest looking 3 flys around.

This version of the effect has helped its creator, Matthew Wright, to land The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year, The IBM (British Ring) Close-up Magician of the Year along with, not one, but two FISM awards.

Matthew Wrights says he uses this effect every single day of his performing life and it never fails to get reactions!

You can openly show only 3 coins throughout the routine and the climax where the final coin slowly and elegantly floats from one hand to the other leaves them speechless. There is very little sleight of hand needed and you are expertly run through the moves on the accompanying DVD.

Two I’ve Got to Mention

The VERY best “No-Brainer Deal” we’ve had in a while — the Pro Card to Wallet. It ordinarily retails for $69.95, but we’ve reduced the price by 70%. And yes, you read that right.

A "No-Brainer" deal to beat them all!

A “No-Brainer” deal to beat them all!

When we first laid eyes on these wallets, we were so impressed with the quality, that we BOUGHT ALL OUR SUPPLIER HAD in stock.

In all seriousness, the odds of finding another wallet of this quality, at this price, are slim to none! No joke!

The Card in Wallet continues to be a knockout crowd-pleaser in all its variations. If you’ve ever been interested in this effect, at just $20.95, you’ve got to be NUTS not to get one!

MUGGED Update: Mugged has been so well received that our first shipment completely sold out in the first 24-hours.  Our second shipment has just arrived, so if you’re interested in Rich Marotta’s effect, take action before they’re out of stock.

Marketing to the Younger Set

My son Max had the idea of having us use Instagram on a regular basis as part of our marketing. It will give us added exposure to a different and younger set of magicians.

Instagram is an online photo-sharing service that enables its users to take pictures, filter them, and share them on a variety of social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter.

As of last month, January 2013, it has 90 million monthly active users.

Look of us on Instagram as we post almost daily.

Oz_Great_Powerful_LgThe Great and Powerful

Beginning March 8th, Oz the Great and Powerful debuts on screens nationwide. It is essentially the prequel to the original Wizard of Oz film of 1939 concerning a carnival magician arrives in a fantasy land and must use his wits to stay ahead of three witches who have plans for him.

We’ve already gotten calls for magicians to perform outside of the theater as part of local theaters marketing efforts.

Birthday Weekend

We will be celebrating Zachary’s 2nd birthday this weekend. I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing. He’s big enough to almost be the perfect size to ride his electronic kangaroo here at the shop.

Magic Zachary prepares a spell as Granpa looks on.

Magic Zachary prepares a spell as Granpa looks on.

I know we’re going to have lots of fun at the party.

More news later my friends,



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