The Elephant in the Room

Well, it happened again.

We got a call yesterday morning for a collection of magic from a magician who’s decided to hang up his top hat from performing.

So, we quickly rented a truck and sent Tim on his way, five hours north of us, to retrieve whatever goodies were contained in a vast array of props collected over the many years of a performing magician’s repertoire. After two hours loading the truck, he turned around and headed back south to Fresno, getting in late last night.

It’s the way we roll around here.

Paul unpacking some the treasures.

Paul unpacking some the treasures.

This  morning we were busy unpacking all the books, props, equipment and paraphernalia from this gentleman’s fifty years of performing. We’ll be putting his items up over the next several weeks.

Let’s Talk

Meanwhile, I been avoiding talking about the elephant in the room. Yes, we actually do have an elephant in the room!

Years ago, I saw a large fiberglass elephant in front of a car dealership on Highway 99 and stopped to inquire if I could purchase it, only to be promptly turned down.  I was so disappointed.

This unnamed pachyderm arrived this week.

This unnamed pachyderm arrived this week.

Little did I know that that elephant belonged to Bobby Reynolds, the world’s greatest Showman, and world class pitchman, who lives near Fresno. In fact, Bobby had three of them at one time, and this particular one served as his mailbox. The mailman would insert letters into the elephant’s mouth, and they were retrieved through a door in its belly.

I can only imagine what a sight that must have been for passersby – the mailman feeding letters to an elephant!

Bobby Reynolds

Bobby Reynolds

Bobby comes into the shop from time-to-time and we got to taking and the elephant came up, and now it’s mine! I love him because he works for peanuts.

Name the Elephant and Win!

We haven’t named it though — that’s where YOU come in.  We’re offering a $100 gift-certificate to the person that comes up with the BEST name for our Hocus Pocus Pachyderm.

one-hundred-100-dollar-billPlease send your elephant names to We’ll announce the winner at the end of the month.

And to get some of your creative juices flowing, here are some elephant jokes:

Elephant Jokes

Q: How can you tell that an elephant has been in your fridge?
A: By the footprints in the butter.

Q: Why did the elephant cross the road?
A: Chicken’s day off.

Q: What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence?
A: Time to build a new fence.

Q: What’s grey, yellow, grey, yellow, grey, yellow, grey, yellow, grey, yellow, grey, yellow?
A: An elephant rolling down a hill with a daisy in its mouth!

Q: What do you call an elephant wearing pink earmuffs and a dress?
A: Anything you want, it can’t hear you.

Q: Why do elephants drink so much?
A: To try to forget.

Please vote for your FAVORITE elephant joke. Choose wisely as you can only vote for ONE.

We really do have a great time around here.

Until next time my friends,



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