What’s in a Name

Patrick Snowden has finally put the finishing touches on our pachyderm. He even added darker black paint to accentuate his ears and trunk to make him appear more life-like.

I am so happy to have this elephant in my possession after coveting it for SO long. It’s funny how I eventually end up with so many things I’ve desired. It’s always just a matter of waiting it out.

It’s painted up and ready to impress those lucky visitors that happen to visit our warehouse.


The difference from when he first came is night-and-day.

And the Winner is…

Now we begin our voting process in order to find a name for the guy. As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve received over 100 names from various submissions, and some of them have been very humorous.

With the help of some of the staff, we selected the Top Ten Elephant Names based on all that were sent to us. The results of the poll will be posted the first week of April as well as the name of the lucky winner of the $100.


He almost looks menacing.

The winner will receive a store credit towards the purchase an anything they desire.

So getting ready to vote on the name you suspect will be the best choice for the Hocus Pocus Pachyderm. You can only vote ONCE, so choose wisely.

It’s a Good Sign

In other business, we mounted the new Hocus Pocus sign on the outside of our building and it looks really impressive. Patrick Snowden created the sign from scratch, coming a few hours over several weeks to complete it.

Ready to be put into place.

Ready to be put into place.

Early last Saturday morning, after constructing scaffolding, the men went to work right away putting the sign in place. The pictures can’t possibly depict how cumbersome and weighty the sign really is, but considering there were only TWO guys, I think they did a great job in a relatively short amount of time.


We hung it plenty high so all can clearly see it.

We’ve been LONG overdue for a new sign.


Glad these guys know what they’re doing.

The old one had traveled with us from two of our previous locations, so it had been in service beyond its years.


It looks great…don’t you think?

We’re very happy with the look of the new sign and think that Patrick did a phenomenal job.

Thanks Patrick!

The weather has been so beautiful that I’m sure I’ll spend most of the weekend in the yard.  Hope you too are planning on having yourself a very enjoyable weekend.

Until next time.



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