Swing into Spring

We’ve had loads of visitors this week and with several more coming today, I’ll have to keep this week’s blog short, sweet and simple.

We’ve partnered up with Tim Sonefelt of Wonder Imagery on his newest product, THOUGHT BUBBLES and are offering them as a Hocus Pocus EXCLUSIVE. They’re pretty great for photo opportunities and to infuse additional laughs into a routine.

Thought Bubbles are fun!

Thought Bubbles are fun!

Just the other day someone said, “That was my idea. I was gonna do that, but never did!”

Check out Wonder Imagery’s video below.

Tommy James’ newest offering, Flash Card Opener has gotten a lot of attention as performers are snapping them up. Tommy is building quite a reputation for himself, consistently producing quality products for the working performer. We’re pleased to offer another one of his kid-friendly effets.

I should mention that we have a VERY limited quantity of the Vanishing CD Player by Tora Magic. We have just 4 of the 6 we were able to get hold of left.

We’re Crazy about Stir Crazy

And one more….

Stir Crazy is a fresh effect from Dan Hauss that is a mind-boggling visual miracle allows you to unwrap a drinking straw, visually TWIST the stripe on it, and then return it to normal. The effect is incredibly easy to do and is perfect for the school cafeteria, your professional table-hopping gig, and more.


You can’t’ beat the weather this time of year in Fresno.

I’ll be fast at work in my yard this weekend.

Until next time,



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