Milestone to the Max!

Well, it’s finally here — Max’s 21st birthday.

The Amazing Maxini

The Amazing Maxini

Seems like only yesterday I was helping him get his magic act together for a show he was going to perform for his kindergarten class.

The teachers were somewhat dumbfounded when this little kid showed up with a truckload of professional magic equipment. Little did they know his dad was a professional magician (at the time) and magic dealer.

Sadly, shortly thereafter, Max retired permanently from the stage. But, when you produce a live dove and feature an Abbott’s Super Botania in your act, it’s all down hill from there.

Max has always loved birthdays, and THIS one has been especially anticipated since he’s finally turning the big TWO-ONE. It’s a major milestone.

Without fail, Max has given us a daily reminders for the last several weeks counting down the days. Each day he’ll update us by saying, “Only 16 more days.” Sometimes I have to chide him by asking, “Sixteen more days until what?”

The next time we go to the Magic Castle, Max will finally be able to join us for dinner with Mark & Nani and the whole gang.

Happy birthday son — I love you.


Lupe & Norm Nielsen are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary this week. We wish them the very best as they are such fine people and a joy to do business with. Here’s to another fifteen years to them both!

15 great years!

The Nielsens – 15 great years!

I found this clip of Norm on YouTube and am including it just because I like it so much.  Norm, you’re a class act.

More Illusions

Los Angeles-based magician Taylor Hughes visited us today and brought several illusions to consign. I love the showroom when it’s packed to the gills. It makes me happy.

My mom says the showroom reminds her of my bedroom when I was a kid, only it’s on a much LARGER scale. She’s right!

Taylor Hughes & Max putting together the Crystal Casket Illusion.

Taylor Hughes & Max putting together the Crystal Casket Illusion.

We’ll be having a family celebration in the backyard this weekend for Max’s birthday, so I’ve been working feverishly to make sure everything looks great for the celebration.

After all, they only turn 21 once!

Until next time,



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