A Unique Road Trip

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. I know we did since Betty and I took a much anticipated road trip to Orange County.

As many of you know, I am an avid gardener.  So, when I get an opportunity to visit a nursery (and with elongated growing seasons there are many here in California), I JUMP at the chance!

I'm so impressed with this place!

I’m so impressed with this place!

That’s why Betty and I jumped in the car and headed down to Newport Beach to see Rogers Gardens, which I’d been told about long ago. Well, let me tell you — it was nothing short of unbelievable!

No season gets left out.

No season gets left out.

I was so impressed and overwhelmed I meandered for over an hour in stunned silence.

Betty finally asked me why I wasn’t speaking, and I told her I was blown away and in sheer AWE by the vastness and incredible layout of this massive 8-acre site, that all I could do was stare in utter amazement.

Rogers Gardens does everything so well!

Rogers Gardens does everything so well!

Rogers Gardens includes a gift shop, home décor section, amphitheater for lectures, EIGHT full acres of multi-tiered gardens, floral design studio, a gourmet kitchen & patio, art gallery with local watercolor artists painting live on site, and a two-level parking garage to accommodate the crowds. I’m telling you, it was the Disneyland of gardening!

These are some wild pumpkins!

These wild pumpkins are just $500 each. I’ll pass for now!

According to veteran customers, during Halloween, Rogers Gardens does not disappoint with their extensive Halloween décor. It’s a fun place to visit, explore and get great ideas or a unique item that you’ve been looking for.

A Christmas tree made from vintage ladies' watches!

A Christmas tree made from vintage ladies’ watches!

During the Christmas season, Rogers Gardens does the place up to the nines with holiday decorations that will impress even the most discriminating shoppers. They have a dedicated room just for Christopher Radko ornaments, which each run about $70 bucks a pop!

I really liked this oddity made from vintage tins and a doll.

I really liked this oddity made from vintage tins and a doll.

Of course, I had to buy a few things for my garden and to commemorate our visit to Rogers Gardens. I know we’ll have a return visit in the near future. If visiting Southern California, you may want to stop by for your own visit. Check them out by going to www.rogersgardens.com

Tim’s Biggest Fan

As you can see by the photo, Tim definitely had some fun with a gigantic Chinese fan we found amongst the many props and paraphernalia from last week’s truckload of consignment items.

Tim's BIGGEST fan.

Tim’s BIGGEST fan.

In fact, this week we’ve been busily putting up some of the more choice items from the collection.

I have to say, that it feels good to know that we’re actually helping people by assisting them in getting top-dollar for their beloved magic equipment. It’s never easy for a performer to surrender his apparatus and many treasured collectibles from a life of magic and years in the proverbial spotlight.

The VERY best advertising a business can get!

The VERY best advertising a business can get!

We were referred to this gentleman from a colleague of his, who is also a past client of ours, as a trusted source for the prompt placement of his tricks and effects into the hands of other magicians. Our client let him know that he would be treated in a fair and honest manner. That kind of recommendation really makes me feel proud.

As always, word-of-mouth is always one of the strongest recommendations a business can receive, and it’s especially strong when it comes from a trusted friend or associate.  We’ve already seen much of this gentleman’s collection shipped out the door this week. Be sure to stay tuned to our Private Estate section for additional offerings.


Serious Gear for Coin & Card Mechanics @ 35% OFF!

Before I go I should mention that if you’re a committed coin or card mechanic, you may want to take advantage of this weekend’s sale. We’ve put several Mechanics Industries items on sale for 35%.  Click HERE to view them.

As always, please enjoy your weekend.

Until next time,



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