It’s Your Time to Shine!

We’ve come up with something the we believe will be clever and fun involving our customers. A contest tapping into their talents. How’s this for an attention-grabber?

Win $200 With Your Best Hocus Pocus Video Testimonial!

Or put another way….

Want to Know How to Make an Easy $200 for Generating a Great Video Testimonial?

It’s simple. Your_Time_to_Shine2You’re a performer, you’ve been on video many times, and as a magician, you’re a public speaker. We’re seeking to tap into the vast talent reserve that is our customer base. And that includes you Mister Magician!

Announcing the….


Specifically, we’re seeking enthusiastic testimonials from customers who are ready, willing and able to generate an exemplary video extolling the virtues of shopping at Hocus Pocus.  In direct response to the best videos submitted, and then finally selected as the winners, we will award 3 significant prizes.

As your create your video testimonial, just remember to bear in mind that you’ll be answering a simple question:

“What would you tell someone who is considering purchasing their magic from Hocus Pocus?”

or, said another way…

“When recommending Hocus Pocus to another magician, what would you tell them?”

Frankly, you can get as sophisticated fancy as you like or keep it quite simple, the choice is yours.

Stage_CurtainsRemember, you don’t have be a little Spielberg to create a really great video. If fact, its quality, not quantity that we’re looking for. Here are some suggestions to bear in mind for bettering your chances at producing a quality video:

● Be energetic and enthusiastic; remember you’re recommending Hocus Pocus to friends as a trusted source for all things magic — enthusiasm is contagious!

● Dress in your magician’s garb, business attire or something that says “MAGICIAN” or performer

● Consider using a backdrop, be on location, or utilize a neutral setting that won’t interfere with your message

● Create a brief outline, bullet-point list or script and then rehearse it prior to recording

● Remember to have FUN on camera as it will “read”  to viewers of your video

We’ll be featuring the most excellent video testimonials on our website, so you’ll want to deliver your best performance to win that $200 top prize!


ABOUT THE PRIZES: A total of THREE Hocus Pocus gift certificates will be awarded to the top THREE winners; 1st Prize $200, 2nd Prize $100 and 3rd prize wins $50!

Once recorded and edited, just forward us the attached video to

The Hocus Pocus Video Testimonial Contest closes July 31st with the winners being announced Aug 10th.

Triple-digit heat hits Fresno

Triple-digit heat hits Fresno

Ugh. It’s here. The triple-digit heat of summer I mean.

Usually it’s a bit later that it arrives, but summer has arrived early this year. Guess I’ll have to work smart by getting out early to garden to miss the midday heat.

Hope you’re staying cooler than we are…please enjoy your weekend.

Until next time,



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