First Day of Summer!

Today is June 21, 2013, the longest day of the year. It is officially called the Summer Solstice.

We’ve got lots planned for Summer 2013 including magic classes, Magic LIVE and several collections slated to hit our doors and appear in our Antique & Collectible Magic section of the website. Just stayed tuned to see what treasures appear.


It Finally Happened!


I’ve been entering a local contest for over 2 years and it finally happened. One of our local radio stations, KJWL features a give-a-way each week, and I have religiously entered our name into the contest weekly, never winning.

Kirsten Krejcik of KJWL awarding me my prize!

Kirsten Krejcik of KJWL awarding me my prize!

But, not THIS week. Nope. This week I was the happy winner and Kirsten Krejcik, one of the on-air talents, personally delivered a box of bakery goods from Great Harvest Bread Company. It just fun to win, no matter how BIG or small the prize.

Countdown to Magic LIVE!

Magic LIVE is fast approaching and we are getting very excited. We will once again have the largest both in the dealer’s room offering state-of-the-art magic as well as collectible magic apparatus. It’s always a total blast to rub elbows with the “Who’s Who of Magic” and see old friends and longtime customers. Attendees travel from all points on the globe to attend the “Gold Standard” of magic conventions. Once you’ve attend, all other magic conventions. We hope you will consider attending if you never have as this event happens every other year and is completely different in theme and activities with each new convention.

In Other News…

Summer Magic Classes begin soon here at Hocus Pocus with Tim Mannix as the teacher-in-residence. This is our third summer offering the classes with Tim as our instructor and they’ve been a big hit with the locals. Doctors, salespeople, lawyers and lots of other professionals use magic as a ice-breaker and we’ve had many adults participate fulfilling a lifelong dream of learning magic. So, it’s not just kids that attend.

Tim's set-up prior to the Auberry Library show.

Tim’s set-up prior to the Auberry Library show.

Also, Tim is once again appearing all over Fresno County as part the Summer Reading Program offered by the Fresno County Public Library. This year’s theme is “Reading is Delicious” and 33 libraries will see Tim’s show, which is fun, funny and definitely offers the message to kids of the value of good reading skills.

Richard Sanders Does It Again!

Ace by Richard SandersWe are pleased to offer two new Richard Sanders tricks, ACE and Turbo Stick.

Both are excellent effects from the mind of one of magic’s best thinkers, Richard Sanders.

ACE combines easy sleight of hand with a devious gimmick. Ace is not a simple packet trick, it’s a diabolical card change system that happens in the spectator’s own hands.

Turbo Stick by Richard Sanders

TURBO STICK allows you to draw anything on the paddle, transform it and then wipe it all clean in one swipe of the fingers. Turbo Stick allows you to perform almost any paddle trick…in one paddle!

Such clever usage of both the paddle move and New Age technology.

Both Richard’s new effects come with a DVD and FREE Shipping Worldwide!

Say Goodbye to the Cool Spring Mornings!

We’re fast approaching the triple-digit heat of summer, so we’ve been enjoying the cool mornings until they are but a distant memory.

Please enjoy your weekend.

Until next time,



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