Slay Audiences with Two Killer Cobra Strikes

Betty and I are off to see a man about a collection for consignment, so I’m publishing this blog one day early. Here it is…


It happened. And just in the nick of time too.

Every two years, as we enter into the planning stage and preparations for Magic LIVE, we thoughtfully consider exactly WHAT to take as our “Hot Seller” that will draw attendees to our booth.

Counting Down to Magic LIVE 2013

Counting Down to Magic LIVE 2013

And yes, there’s always SOMETHING to take, but I want something that’s HOT, something worthy of people’s attention. Frankly, I want people buzzing about a hot new effect that they just HAVE to get!

Of course, the difficult part is FINDING that effect. Well, we did.

So, I guess we can consider it…

Mission Accomplished!

Yes, to my utter delight, I have just finalized a deal with Cobra Magic on, not one, but TWO awesome effects. Both effects will get people excited, impressed and definitely talking.

With great enthusiasm, I am happy to announce that Hocus Pocus is the exclusive source for two Cobra tricks that are burning up the chat-boards receiving enormous attention and widespread praise.  Both are significant and powerful effects that will render audience’s speechless.

They are: Cobra’s Electric Wireless Whiteboard and Cobra Light, which are available and in stock for you to begin frying the minds of audiences everywhere.

A worker's dream; light-weight, authentic-appearing in every detail.

A worker’s dream; light-weight, authentic-appearing in every detail.

It’s always particularly exciting to find GREAT magic that gets people energized, enthused and chatting up a storm.

I have to say that I believe that stage mentalism just got even BETTER with this one simple-appearing whiteboard that presents you with a multitude of possible routines!

The Electric Wireless Whiteboard raises the bar on existing mentalism routines and offers new possibilities for new yet-to-be-imagined effects!

Essentially, the Electric Wireless Whiteboard uses state-of-the-art WIRELESS technology allowing you to ascertain quickly and precisely exactly what a spectator erases on a whiteboard. So, through simple elimination you can easily determine exactly what is left visible on the whiteboard.

Their other product, Cobra Light is a compact and exceedingly portable  close-up version of the classic Mini-Magic Switchboard that’s affordable and fits easily in a pocket.

Brings a parlor effect into the confines of more intimate settings!

Brings a parlor effect into the confines of more intimate settings!

The compact Cobra Light enables strolling artists and table-hoppers to bring a traditional parlour effect previously too cumbersome to be enjoyed in the confines of an intimate setting into the close-up realm.

Most notably is the addition of the mindreading effect added to the standard effect. It plays well and really adds the mystery of this unique and perplexing electronic effect.

Here’s Cobra Light effect the added mindreading effect.

Countdown to Magic LIVE!

We’re getting excited about Magic LIVE 2013 in Las Vegas.

Ever since we first attend this convention I’ve loved it. There’s just no comparison. In fact, because it’s so very well produced, it’s a completely unfair comparison to the other magic conventions. But, such is life.


Our staff is working diligently putting together our best collectible magic.  In fact, we will be bringing more estate and collectible magic than we have EVER brought before!

It’s not only really fun for us to assemble and bring these objects, but also to experience magician’s reactions such as “I haven’t seen on of these since I was a kid!” and similar comments. It’s that moment of recognition that registers on their faces, of something they hadn’t thought of in years that’s so gratifying and enjoyable to witness.

Early 1960's Temple of Cambodia by Owen Magic, RARE

Early 1960’s Temple of Cambodia by Owen Magic, RARE

If you are planning on attending Magic LIVE!, we would very much like to see you. Please plan on stopping by our booth to hang out, talk shop or just to say hello.

I better get back to planning. Magic LIVE will be here before we know it.

Until next time,



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