Summer Conventions Take Center Stage

It summertime, so that means conventions, conventions everywhere.

This weekend, just south of us, in Burbank California is the Pacific Coast of Magicians beginning tomorrow, Friday and ending Sunday.

A great combination; Bob Kline's Foo Foo the Coo Coo Bird and Tim Mannix.

A great combination; a Bob Kline prop and Tim Mannix.

Our own Tim Mannix will be lecturing Friday morning on children’s magic and then performing as an opening act for the Children’s Magic competition.

Like most conventions the PCAM is hosted by different cities, and due to the fact that it’s occurring in Burbank, there will be a host of Los Angeles and Magic Castle magicians lecturing as well as performing.

The line-up of performers includes; Max Maven, Trevor & Lorena Walters, Ice McDonald, Tim Mannix, Howard Hamburg, David Gabbay, Paul Green, James Holguin, Andrew Goldenhersh, Shawn Farquhar, Rob Zabrecky & David Regal.

The convention will host four contests; Children Magic & Comedy Magic Contest, Mentalism, Close-up, Platform & Stage, a fun and creative Bag-of-Tricks Contest and Tony Eng’s People’s Choice Contest.


There will be lots of magic to see and encounter during the day and at night with the Lave Night Jam Sessions. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, there’s still time to register or drop in for all the festivities.

Vigorous Preparations for Our Departure to Magic LIVE!

We have been proactively pulling, inventorying and packing all things magic for our booth at Magic LIVE. It will keep us busy all through next week. We have hired two extra people to assist us this week and next helping to lighten the load. There is a lot of planning that goes into these conventions.

There will actually be six of us coming from Hocus Pocus as well as a variety of guest demonstrators demonstrating their wares including; Kyle Marlett demonstrating Shop Put, Jeff Kaylor demonstrating TKO 2.0 and the Ultimate Networking Tool, Giovanni Livera demonstrating Rope, Nut & Knot and Salt & Silver, Alex Pandera demonstrating Bandito, Hucko Steal & Maestro, Jeff Prace demonstrating Silencer and Gimmick Magic demonstrating Escape, Six, and E-Race.

The guest demonstrators will be featured for several hours of all four days of the convention, so there’s always a good reason to stop by and see what’s happening at the Hocus Pocus booth.

Of course, Wayne Dobson will be in our booth throughout the run of the convention, so please do stop by and meet him. Wayne will be demonstrating.


A Special Photo Opportunity For You & Doug

As you may well know, Doug Henning is credited with single-handedly reviving the public’s interest in magic in the 1970s and ’80s—after a long slump—by updating the performance art and combining it with music, comedy and flashy costumes to make it attractive to a whole new generation.

Come get a quick pic with Doug!

Come get a quick pic with Doug!

As a special novelty, we will be bringing one of Doug Henning’s personal show props to Magic LIVE for display and will have a costume or two of Doug’s for all to peruse.

Plus, there’s a unique photo opportunity for you with Doug, or at least a life-size cut-out of him, resting atop his stylistically recognizable prop.  So, come a get a quick pic with Doug courtesy of Hocus Pocus.

We have big plans for having another great booth and it’s a gigantic undertaking, but it’s worth it.

I’m getting excited about seeing everyone.

Until next time,




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