Keep Calm and Consign On

And the saga continues…

Hope your Labor Day Weekend was enjoyable.  Our family trip to Monterey was WAY too short, but we all had a great time relaxing, shopping, eating and just generally enjoying each other and my grandson Zachary.

Even though it’s a short week, we just returned yesterday from a daylong excursion up North to pick up ANOTHER consignment.

It really is fun seeing all that magicians collect.

It really is fun seeing all that magicians collect.

And this morning, I scheduled yet ANOTHER trip for tomorrow heading Southward to load up the second consignment of the week. It seems these consignments, like so many other things, come in threes. Sometimes it does get to be a bit of a whirlwind.

However, I’m very grateful we’re evolving as a “known source” for consignment of magic. It really is fun to see what people have collected over the years and to uncover and discover, sometimes things I’ve never laid eyes on, except in a magic catalog from my youth.

VintageMagicBoyMy memory-recall from boyhood, viewing thousands of catalog line-drawings, surprises me at times. Whoever created those drawings so many years ago certainly did a good job, because I know exactly what prop I’m looking at, having NEVER seen it.

Joining Forces with Fairchild Magic

Magic LIVE produced many things, one of which was a new association with Fairchild Entertainment. After some lengthy discussion, we discovered that we both had been keenly aware of each other for years, yet had never formulated a partnership to do business.  That state of affairs was quickly remedied and I am proud to say that we will be carrying Joe Eddie Fairchild’s beautiful props.

Joe Eddie was a performer touring for over 20 years with his own Magic & Illusion road show, so he comes from, and designs from a performer’s vantage point when constructing his props. After retiring his performance wand, Fairchild parlayed his accumulated expertise into consulting, designing, and custom-building magical apparatus for magicians worldwide. Today, creating, designing and constructing  props is Joe Eddie’s passion, and brother, is he ever good at it!

Fairchild’s latest and greatest is the Ups & Downs Box. It is essentially Whizzy Dizzy Milk on steroids.

The very BEST version create to date!

The very BEST version create to date!

The Ups & Downs Box was New Zealand magician Greg Britt’s brainchild, and he  generously granted the exclusive worldwide manufacturing rights to Fairchild Magic to produce and share it with the magic fraternity and the world at large.

You’ve got to SEE it in action! Click on this link to view the video.

Needless to say, in the coming weeks and months, you’ll be seeing more and more of Fairchild’s fine works, so stay tuned.

Not Your Father’s Airborne

Meanwhile, I cannot more strongly recommend the Electronic Airborne.

I predict this will be a HOT seller!

I predict this will be a HOT seller!

This particular airborne electronically LOWERS and RAISES the glass while you’re pouring the liquid.  This is a new development in this effect. This is definitely NOT your father’s, your grandfather’s or even your uncle Harry’s Airborne Glass. Take a look.

Clarity Box is Going like Gangbusters

For the record, we got in our shipment of David Regal’s Clarity Boxes and all the pre-orders have shipped leaving us with but a few remaining pieces.  So, if you’re so inclined, I suggest you get yours soon or it will be a number of weeks before we have more available.

Okay, I’ve got to get the truck ready for the road.

Until next time,



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