A Great Week & Hot New Effects!

This week as it been nice to see a number of props find new homes. Sometimes the larger more pricey props can linger, but this week a number of them shipped out. Buying patterns seem to come in waves sometimes.

Last week I talked about going to Los Angeles for the Magic Castle for the swap meet and to celebrate Max’s 21st birthday, but I forgot to add this picture, so I’m doing it this week. It’s nice to see everyone so dressed up – a handsome group don’t you think?

Max's 21st Birthday Dinner Party @ the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Max’s 21st Birthday Dinner Party @ the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Haunted House Finds New Zip Code

Frank Thurston is the proud new owner of the Haunted House Pinball Machine by Gottlieb & Company, that lived here for a short spell. Frank saw it online and had to have it.

Frank Thurston admiring his newest acquisition.

Frank Thurston admiring his newest acquisition.

Frank came down this week to pick it up, but quickly discovered that his van wouldn’t accommodate the size of the machine, so he enlisted the assistance of his brother-in-law and nephew to help. It now resides in beautiful Bakersfield, in what appears to be Frank’s Magi Den.

Just in time for Halloween! Enjoy it Frank!

Home at last!

Home at last!

KidAbra Comes to the West Coast

Early this next year we will be attending the KAX Conference in Ventura California.  What is KAX? Well, according to the website KIDabra International in Collaboration with Axtell Expressions Invite You to Be A Part of The Historic, First Ever KIDabra Midyear on the West Coast! They’re calling it KAX.

KidAbra_International2KAX is a KIDabra Midyear, it is a slightly shorter event as it supports the mother Conference in August.  It will be hosted by Steve Axtell on Axtell Expressions and will include tours of his facilty.

The Signature KIDshow Auction, Optional Biz Builders and Breakouts are part of the August experience. Now that said, fear not, as KAX will more than hold its own. Surprises ahead making it one of the 2 must attend KIDabra events annually. Many Folks are already telling us that they are coming in early in the week for visiting and sightseeing as well.

MetalWriting from Sweden Arrives!

We are thrilled to have gotten the following four effects from Sweden as Hocus Pocus exclusives. This is magic at its best. Very impressive and completely improbable outcomes that are sure to baffle the most discerning audiences.

Eye of Odin

Inspired by Al Korans classic routine but with a new method that makes it possible to show and feel the inscription on the back of the amulet. No double-talk, forces, pre-work, stooges or hidden assistants. Comes complete with everything you need to perform this amazing routine.

Gamblers Poker Chip

As with all of the MetalWriting products the engravings are made on the spot and in front of the spectators. There are no restrictions of what the engraving on the back of the chip can be. It isn’t bound to a specific card. It could reveal a place, a name or anything that fits your presentation.

The Trophy

The winning volunteer lifts the trophy (that has been in full view the entire routine) and reads the badge at the top. It matches the earlier selected sport. When the applause subsides, the performer calls attention to the base of the cup. Engraved into the metal plaque reads, “The winner of the contest is Lisa Larsen”, the name of the competition winner.

The Gun of Anckarström

The Gun of Anckarström comes with three different routines depending on your audience. The effect itself has three climaxes. The performer shows a padlocked wooden box and claims that it contains the flintlock gun that was used in the assassination of the king. Five bullets are shown, four regular ones, and one made out of gold. Five spectators secretly pick one of the bullets from a velvet bag. The spectator with the gold bullet is the murderer.

The performer can tell who the killer is and the spectator is invited to the stage. He explains that the murderer was bound to the weapon, but he wasn´t the only one. The assassination was planned by a group of people known as the Skulls and bones. Their signature is a skull.

The performer opens the box and inside there is a flint stock pistol. He turns the pistol over and shows a metal skull in the stock of the pistol. He then pays attention to a tattoo on the spectators arm – A matching skull.

He then claims that the owner of the gun had engraved his name in the pistol. And of course – it is so.

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,



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