Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tonight We Trick-or-Treat!

My grandson Zachary is going trick-or-treating tonight and Betty and I will be the chaperones. Frankly, I can’t’ wait!

Zachary is going as an engineer since he is CRAZY about Thomas the Train. Here’s a picture of him in his train engineer garb ready to take on the ghosts and goblins that may get in the way of his quest for candy.

I have a feeling the kid’s going to do well tonight. After all, who can resist a miniature engineer.

The little engineer that could!

The little engineer that could!

Comedy, Magic & Hypnotism In Bakersfield Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night our very own Tim Mannix will be appearing at the Stars Dinner Theater in Bakersfield warming up for “Gus Flamingo’s Comedy Magic & Hypnoteaser Show” in a night of magic and hypnotism.

Get "tricked and "treated" in the same place! "Gus Flamingo's Comedy Magic & Hypnoteaser Show", at the Stars Dinner Theater

Get “tricked and “treated” in the same place! “Gus Flamingo’s Comedy Magic & Hypnoteaser Show”, at the Stars Dinner Theater

My good friend Mark Price (aka Gus Flamingo) is the headliner and Tim and magician Terry Godfrey will warm up the audience with great magic and comedy. With this cast of characters, the show will undoubtedly be full of laughs, good fun and general mayhem. Call (661) 325-6100 for reservations or go to www.bmtstars.com for show tickets and information.

Just to put you in the Halloween spirit here’s a little excerpt from my absolute favorite Halloween-type movie starring Abbott & Costello.

A Friend Needs Our Help

Sometimes it takes tragedy to put things in perspective and realize what is truly important. We’d like to ask you to consider making a donation to our fellow brother in magic, Paul Green.

Magician Paul Green

Magician Paul Green

Paul was recently diagnosed with leukemia and needs our help. Although he has health insurance, he is not able to work so he has no income to live on. With the upcoming season being the busiest for a working performer, you can imagine the stress this is creating for him. He has given all  of his shows to fellow magicians, but needs our help to survive pending expenses.

In addition, to his recent diagnosis, Paul suffered two heart attacks being in late September thus complicating matters.

So, we’re reaching out to the magic community collecting donations for Paul and his family starting at $10.00. If you would like to donate more, simply contact us directly or add as many ten-dollar donations to your shopping card as desired.

To donate click HERE.

Paul  is a great man, a great magician, and he has given to us all in one way or another through his magic, through his friendship, through his kindness, through his encouragement, and through his example as being a truly wonderful human being. We ask that you reflect upon this time of giving and give your support to the Greens.

Thank you all in advance for your support, big or small, it is most appreciated.

Have a happy and safe Halloween and a great weekend.

Until next time,



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