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That Special Memory of Magic in the Mail!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 28, 2014 by hocuspoc

It’s not often that I get to have the same experience my customers do, but this week was different. Daily we ship out magic tricks worldwide to magicians of every kind. And the anticipation and experience of receiving that special magic package once it arrives is beyond compare.

This week I got to experience the same joy-rendering anticipation when opening packages that I’d been waiting for with much eagerness from Owen’s Magic Supreme.

OMS_GenieSince deciding to resurrect my magic act for a mid-September 3-man show with Mark Price & Tim Mannix, I’ve had to reassemble my act. Assuming my performing days were over, I’d long ago dispensed with all of my magic props.

So I purchased several props that had been staples in my act for many years. I’m a perfectionist and I really do want to put my best foot forward since this is going to be such a momentous occasion, so I purchased the very best props from Owen Magic Supreme. You can’t do better than Owen’s.

Finally, yesterday the package arrived, and even though I KNEW exactly what it contained, I instantly turned into that eight-year-old boy on Christmas morning, filled with exhilaration and the sheer joy of opening that MAGIC box. It takes me back to childhood and my love of magic.

Inside were immaculately constructed props crafted in that undeniable Owen-style that included: a Crystal Dove Cote, the Glamour Garter and a large Milk in Light Bulb effect, which is no longer actively marketed by Owen’s .

This is going to look so great in my act.

This is going to look so great in my act.

Linda will make this effect really funny. I can't wait to perform it!

Linda will make this effect really funny. I can’t wait to perform it!

These are the times when I feel so lucky to have something in my life that I love so much. It’s a good thing to feel passionately about something, for no other reason, other than you just LOVE it.

Bi-Annual Trade-In Days Are Back!

We sent out an email notice announcing our trade in days with this eye-catching headline:

Why Not Get The Magic You REALLY Want And Clean Out Your Cupboards Simultaneously?

Our Trade-In Days give magicians the opportunity to exchange their old stuff and get the tricks they REALLY want — and all with no out-of-pocket expense! We’re always on the lookout for tricks, stage props, tables, commemoratives, collectibles, puppets, illusions, ventriloquist figures, livestock effects, magic paraphernalia, and ephemera.

REMEMBER: There are performers out there that want, need, require and desire the tricks you’ve barely or perhaps NEVER used. Why sit on props you’ve never used when you can swap them for tricks that you REALLY want?

It really does create a “Win-Win” for everyone!


Send us your gently-used magic for store credit and reap the rewards.

Send us your gently-used magic for store credit and reap the rewards.

Here’s How It Works. Just send us an itemized list of your gently-used, pre-owned effects and equipment and we’ll let you know the exact amount of in-store credit you’ll receive.

1. Send an email to us at and include:

•   Your name and telephone number

•   List the items you want to Trade-in

•   The condition of each item, if it is in good working order and if it is complete with instructions

2. We will review the list and, ONLY if we’re interested, we will email you within 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday) and make you an offer.

3. If you accept the offer, you simply send the items to us, receive your in-store credit and start shopping! It’s that easy!

WE ARE SPECIFICALLY LOOKING FOR: Mid- to large-size apparatus, vintage, antique and older pieces; collectible, or whatever you can’t use!

PLEASE…NO books, DVDs, videos, packet or small pocket tricks.

When considering items for trade bear in mind that smaller, lower-value items such a pocket tricks are less desirable, but higher ticket items will garner you a greater trade credit. Once your list is complete simply forward it to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Call us at 800.407.4040 or email us at to get the ball rolling!

Until next time my friends,


Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

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They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I haven’t found that to be true. At least in my case.

I’m learning new things all the time. In particular, I’ve been learning how new technology is changing how we do things around here with regard to DVDs.


And yes, it’s true that the future has arrived!

The other day, when playing with my grandson Zachary, I started thinking about how far technology has come. Zachary will never know a world without microwaves, computers or cell phones — and it got me thinking about how technology has changed my business. Not so long ago, we used to ship out VHS tapes, books and pamphlets daily.  But now, with today’s technology, customers can now get their magic instantly with just the click of a button.

So, here’s what I’ve got to say about the whole matter.

Now, many customers are INSTANTLY downloading their magic 24/7.

No Shipping, No Waiting, No Hassle

So, Why Aren’t You Downloading?

You Can Kiss the Days of Waiting for the Postman Good-Bye!

After extensive testing and A LOT of hard work, I am CONFIDENT that you will see how EASY downloading your magic through Hocus Pocus can be.

Experience the Benefits and Gratification of Instant Downloads Today!

Instant Access means – No Waiting, No Postage, No Fuss

  • Super Easy!  s & NO postage fees
  • Over 1,180 titles available.  We are adding the latest-and-greatest artists, the hottest magic to our downloads daily
  • 24/7 Availability: We will create a customized library for you that is accesible 24/7 for all your prior purchases.  Never gain will you have to dig through a pile of DVDs to find the one you want
  • File Retention: Keep and view your content ANYTIME
  • Accessibility: No ongoing internet connection necessary because the product is on your computer

But, Don’t Take My Word for It. TRY it Yourself. Buy a Download TODAY, Many as Low as .99!

Buy a download. See how easy it is to purchase. Give me feedback.  I really want to know what YOU think of downloads.  Share your experience. I will personally respond to every comment.

When you absolutely, positively have to have it, DOWNLOAD it!


Be Sure to Check Out the Live Lecture Series, AT THE TABLE!

A Series of LIVE Lectures Viewable Online  

At the Table: Alex Pandrea

Alex Pandrea is the new kid on the block, but already he has made a name for himself in magic. This is an opportunity to spend two hours with a rising star in magic, and pick his brain about how he creates sleights, how he assembles effects, and the approach he takes with his magic. We’ll ask Alex about his enterprise creating decks of cards, his favorite unpublished moves, and the effect he performs every time he works. It will be a jam-packed, card-heavy two hours. Join us!   Click the image BELOW to view upcoming LIVE lectures!


Now that Spring has arrived, I’ll be out in the yard working on getting it looking great. Hope your weekend is a good one too.

Until next time my friends,


Another Cache of Magic

Posted in Uncategorized on March 13, 2014 by hocuspoc

Back from Southern California having picked up another load of very attractive and collectible magic, we’ve been using most of this week getting it sorted, listed, and cataloged to sell.

This gentleman has decided after many years of performing to sell off some of his prized magic props and collectible tricks. It’s never easy saying good-bye to things that brought so much happiness and joy to others as well as ourselves.  He certainly had good taste and took very care of his belongings.

Among the many tricks were:

Gift of Time by Collector’s Workshop – One of the most gorgeous pieces of magic, long unavailable and a  triumph of 21st century technology making it a ONE-PERSON EFFECT.

A mindboggling effect that establishes you as a serious mentalist.

A mindboggling effect that establishes you as a serious mentalist.

After setting the clock is instantaneous and infallible. During the routine you never touch the clock once. There is no forcing of any kind. Any combination of hours and minutes can be used. The older version required an assistant, however this version is ideal since you can perform it by yourself.

Dante’s Sword Through Neck – this magnificent prop is largely believed, without question, to be the VERY finest Sword Thru the Neck EVER produced!

If only there were still making this magnificent sword!

If only there were still making this magnificent sword!

This particular sword is in the best condition we’ve ever encountered. Tim and I both thought it have never been used, but the former owner confirmed that he had used it several times. If only more performers would treat their props with such respect.

Collector’s Workshop Mini Hippity Hop Rabbits – Just a very few were manufactured by Collector’s Workshop in the very beginning of the company’s inception, which makes them exceedingly rare.

Primarily collectors will be attracted to these top quality close-up sized Hip Hop Rabbits, but anyone that sees them will appreciate their quality. Standing 6.5 inches tall, they really are something.

For the avid collector or the performer -- either way you win!

For the avid collector or the performer — either way you win!

Also, if you’re a Magic Hands aficionado, this collection has a number of wonderfully colorful effects created by the ever popular, but no longer in business, Magic Hands Modern Magic Studio of Germany.

What a find! A complete MH outfit; items originally purchased separately from Magic Hands.

What a find! A complete MH outfit; items originally purchased separately from Magic Hands.

Everything in this magician's collection was either nearly perfect or NEVER used. It already SOLD!

Everything in this magician’s collection was either nearly perfect or NEVER used. It already SOLD!

Keep checking the website, we’ll continue adding some many unique and out-of-production props as well as some fine magic that is getting more difficult to find.

I guess I’d better get back to work, there’s plenty more to be listed.

Until next time my friends,


Off to Meet Another Wizard

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Another busy work-week finished. Another consignment on the horizon.  And that, my friends, is a good thing.

As we’ve been preparing for April’s Magic Castle Swap Meet, it seems that the old adage “Nature Abhors A Vacuum” gets proven once again. Because, every time we make more space available, invariably some new consignment comes in to fill the new space that’s been made available. Its seems almost like magic. I don’t know how it all works, but I’m sure glad that it does.


And that’s exactly what happened early this week. The phone rang with a request for us to come pick up a vanload of magic, so we’re off to see another wizard.

This weekend Tim will be heading southward to pick up a large collection of magic and related apparatus from a collector who’s ready to let go his many treasured tricks and paraphernalia from a lifetime of practicing the Art of magic. In fact, from what the gentleman told me on the phone, this is seems be a VERY attractive collection of props that will get some people very excited.

You will no doubt be seeing many of these items appear in our Private Estate category early next week, so stay tuned.

Al Flosso

Found a video on one of my favorite performers of all time, Al Flosso, the Coney Island Fakir.

Al Flosso in the shop.

Al Flosso in the shop.

Al Flosso grew to be a legend in Magic. Of The Coney Island Fakir world famous entertainer Joseph Dunninger said, “If there is a better all round magician I have yet to discover him!” Although only 5′ 2″ tall Flosso became a giant to his audiences as he honed his act in the tough carnival world of Coney Island. Flosso was also a master Punch and Judy worker and can be seen in the movie ‘A Night at The Opera‘ starring the Marx Brothers.

Al Flosso commemorative card from the Coney Island days.

Al Flosso commemorative card from the Coney Island days.

Al was at home on any stage however big or small and in 1973 became Magician of the Year after an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. At his funeral Dr. Arnold Boston said, “From ten performances a day on the platforms of Luna Park and Dreamland to numerous appearances on national television, he never gave a bad show.

This is the master at work, enjoy.

Rogue Visitors at Hocus Pocus

Yesterday we got a visit, as we often do from different performers, but this visit was from a group of VERY different performers. They are here to participate in the Rogue Festival, a celebration of live performances that occurs this time yearly in Fresno. Shea Freelove, who’s been in before to visit, brought his two fellow performers in to see the shop.

By the way, they were NOT in costume as their performance happens Saturday night. Here they are in their street clothes mugging for the camera.

Shea Freelove, Paul Gross, The Enigma and Serana Rose pose in front of the elephant in the room.

Shea Freelove, Paul Gross, The Enigma and Serana Rose pose in front of the elephant in the room.

By the way, according to their website, “The Rogue celebrates the independent performer and artist by providing the opportunity to showcase works in a friendly, affordable, and creative setting in various locations throughout downtown Fresno and the Tower District.”

Several of our local magicians have been involved this year and the festival exhibits anything and everything that will please the senses including theatre, music, dance, film, puppetry, poetry, comedy, storytelling and magic.

Which reminds me. If you’re ever in or passing through the Fresno area, please stop in for a visit.

Until next time my friends,