Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I haven’t found that to be true. At least in my case.

I’m learning new things all the time. In particular, I’ve been learning how new technology is changing how we do things around here with regard to DVDs.


And yes, it’s true that the future has arrived!

The other day, when playing with my grandson Zachary, I started thinking about how far technology has come. Zachary will never know a world without microwaves, computers or cell phones — and it got me thinking about how technology has changed my business. Not so long ago, we used to ship out VHS tapes, books and pamphlets daily.  But now, with today’s technology, customers can now get their magic instantly with just the click of a button.

So, here’s what I’ve got to say about the whole matter.

Now, many customers are INSTANTLY downloading their magic 24/7.

No Shipping, No Waiting, No Hassle

So, Why Aren’t You Downloading?

You Can Kiss the Days of Waiting for the Postman Good-Bye!

After extensive testing and A LOT of hard work, I am CONFIDENT that you will see how EASY downloading your magic through Hocus Pocus can be.

Experience the Benefits and Gratification of Instant Downloads Today!

Instant Access means – No Waiting, No Postage, No Fuss

  • Super Easy!  s & NO postage fees
  • Over 1,180 titles available.  We are adding the latest-and-greatest artists, the hottest magic to our downloads daily
  • 24/7 Availability: We will create a customized library for you that is accesible 24/7 for all your prior purchases.  Never gain will you have to dig through a pile of DVDs to find the one you want
  • File Retention: Keep and view your content ANYTIME
  • Accessibility: No ongoing internet connection necessary because the product is on your computer

But, Don’t Take My Word for It. TRY it Yourself. Buy a Download TODAY, Many as Low as .99!

Buy a download. See how easy it is to purchase. Give me feedback.  I really want to know what YOU think of downloads.  Share your experience. I will personally respond to every comment.

When you absolutely, positively have to have it, DOWNLOAD it!


Be Sure to Check Out the Live Lecture Series, AT THE TABLE!

A Series of LIVE Lectures Viewable Online  

At the Table: Alex Pandrea

Alex Pandrea is the new kid on the block, but already he has made a name for himself in magic. This is an opportunity to spend two hours with a rising star in magic, and pick his brain about how he creates sleights, how he assembles effects, and the approach he takes with his magic. We’ll ask Alex about his enterprise creating decks of cards, his favorite unpublished moves, and the effect he performs every time he works. It will be a jam-packed, card-heavy two hours. Join us!   Click the image BELOW to view upcoming LIVE lectures!


Now that Spring has arrived, I’ll be out in the yard working on getting it looking great. Hope your weekend is a good one too.

Until next time my friends,



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