Two Cannons are Better Than One!

My wife Betty is great.

Not just because she’s such a great partner in life and business, but because she generally always supports me in everything I do, especially in business. When I decided to procure an oversized cannon made by Owen Magic Supreme, which originally belonged to Melinda, the First Lady Of Magic, Betty didn’t bat an eye.

Of course, the sheer size of such a sizable prop demands an enormous amount of space in our warehouse, and there usually isn’t a big call for GIANT stage-size cannons to shoot human beings from, but nonetheless Betty didn’t bat an eye.

This cannon was originally used in Melinda's Vegas show.

This cannon was originally used in Melinda’s Vegas show.

So when Tim found another Owen Magic Cannon online, exactly like the cannon that currently sits majestically on the warehouse floor, I thought Betty might finally bat that eye. She didn’t.

I really wanted THIS cannon due to the fact that it had its original paint job and was located not far away in Los Angeles. Melinda’s cannon had been purchased by Disney and they’d repainted it grey for a more realistic look for their purposes. But, original paint. I had to have it.

Original paint intact, this cannon is from Kirby VanBirch's show.

Original paint intact, this cannon is from Kirby VanBirch’s show.

Oh, and did I mention that a nest of boxes came with the Cannon? The entire outfit had been used in Branson magician Kirby VanBurch’s Christmas show.

The deal was made. The cannon arrived. And now it resides prominently in the middle of the showroom floor. I really love being surrounded by this stuff.

Trade In Days Are Good for Everyone

If you haven’t been keeping abreast of our Antique Magic & Private Estate section of the website, you’ve been missing a boatload of treasures that have been arriving daily and being put online as quickly as possible.

Many of our longtime customers are avid collectors, so it’s fun to see what rare and hard-to-find items they’re willing to part with — or more importantly trade in for store credit.

To be honest, sometimes we’re almost hesitant to list these collectible tricks because they get snatched up so quickly. Very often after Tim has put an item up, it’s gone within 10 minutes!

Yes, two cannons are better than one and they may sell and one day be gone, but I’ll probably find another cannon or maybe two. Because that’s the nature of the magic business.

Once thing is for sure, I’m a very lucky man. Because I could never find another Betty.

Until next time my friends,



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