Your Cue for More Good Magic

This week has been very productive for us. We got in several new items that are very noteworthy and also received secondary shipments of two red-hot effects that have been out-of-stock for weeks. Namely, Cue the Magic.

Both Betty and I are steadfastly gearing up for the July 4th weekend preparing to spend time with the family. My yard looks like a million bucks right now, but I’ve been putting in the hours so it no wonder.

As an update to my upcoming 3-man show with Mark Price and Tim Mannix later this year, I just received my custom-made Dove Cannon by Fairchild Magic.

I told Eddie exactly what I wanted and was confident that he would deliver a great-looking prop —  and brother did he ever. It’s a beaut! It works off a Co2 cartridge and will hurl “the dove” and feathers into the air for a very dramatic effect. It’s astonishing how receiving a new magic prop can instantly transform me into a 10-year-old in a matter of seconds. I cannot wait to use it!

My newest addition to my magic act, a Fairchild Dove Cannon!

My newest addition to my magic act, a Fairchild Dove Cannon!

You’ll mostly likely see my new Fairchild Dove Cannon in the upcoming video tour our the Hocus Pocus showroom and warehouse they are reshooting today. After shipping out a significant number of larger illusions this week, Max & Tim spent an entire day redesigning the showroom so an updated video is definitely in order. Look for it sometime next week.

Magic Castle Bound

Tim will be performing 31 library shows here in the Fresno area.

Tim will be performing 31 library shows here in the Fresno area.

After launching his summer library shows this week, Tim is now southbound for Hollywood and the Magic Castle this weekend for the ever popular brunch shows. It’s the only time the under-21 crowd can gain access to the Magic Castle and its world-class shows.

Tim said he’s been performing Silly Billy’s Princess in a Pickle in his library program and it’s going over like gangbusters! It’s total situational comedy with a marriage theme that gets the kids and adults laughing and having a good time.

Hopefully, Tim can get some tape on it for his promo reel as I know this is a great family entertainment piece. Here’s David Kaye performing it.

Devil’s Pitcher Makes Appearance

Kevin Curtin’s Devil’s Pitcher had some major exposure on America’s Got Talent recently. As we reported in last week’s blog, our friend and longtime customer, Mike Super was due to perform on last Sunday’s Special edition of AGT.

Mike Super won the judges over on America's Got Talent last Sunday night.

Mike Super won the judges over on America’s Got Talent last Sunday night.

If you watched the show you know that Mike performed the Devil’s Pitcher and utterly flabbergasted the judges with all four of them enthusiastically passing him on to the next level. Dare I say it? Mike you did a SUPER job and made a great showing for yourself and magicians everywhere!

Here’s the clip in case you missed it:

Now Boarding

Jeremy Pei’s new routine, Now Boarding rides atop the shoulders of the now classic Ring, Watch & Wallet scenario with a travel theme that plays well to audiences. It’s a worker’s trick for sure. Take a gander at the video and see if you agree.

Finally! Cue the Magic is Back…Temporarily!

We were one of the few fortunate shops to get a supply in of Cue the Magic, which has been so very popular with audiences.

Unfortunately there has been a manufacturing delay, so we, like others, have had to keep our clients wait-listed.  However, I am happy to say that all have shipped to you that have waited so patiently. We do appreciate your business.

And yes, as expected, they have been blowing out the door at a rapid pace. As of this morning we have 10 left, so don’t delay if you’re of a mind to own this phenomenal piece of showmanship. Apparently, it will be October or better before another shipment is available.

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to print, so I’ll say goodbye for now.

Until next time my friends,



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