Snakes, Quad, Cube & More

Yesterday, Betty took Zachary to see the reptile show at our local library. Zachary was afraid to volunteer because the first animal that was introduced was a Tarantula (admittedly not something many people would want to hold), but after watching other kids volunteer to help hold some of the reptiles, his interest began to peak.  Betty had the misfortune to witness what is certainly the largest frog she had ever seen.  For those of you who know Betty, she is not a fan of frogs, and this one the handler had to hold using both of his hands.

Zachary became a snake-handler of sorts getting to hold the GIANT snake.

Zachary (Second from the right) became a snake-handler of sorts getting to hold the GIANT Burmese Python.

By the end of the show, Betty had convinced Zachary to finally raise his hand and he got picked to hold the giant Burmese Python that concluded the show. The reptile handlers were kind enough to inform the audience that this snake is big and strong enough to kill any person in attendance – exactly what Betty and others in attendance wanted to hear.  Zachary bravely held with his one good arm the snake and smiled to the crowd.  This is the same summer series that Tim is involved in that attempts to get kids into the library and reading during the summer months, enticing them with a variety of performers and shows.  It is safe to say that after this show the library had a shortage of available reptile books.

Summer Library Tour Ends

Tim’s summer library tour of 31 Fresno County libraries ends tomorrow with a show at the Central Library downtown. This is his third summer here in Fresno presenting shows in the libraries and he says, “It’s been fun, but I’m ready for some time off.”

The kids at the Kingsburg Library are ready for a good show.

The kids at the Kingsburg Library are ready for a good show.

Quadrare Caan Opus by Diamond Jim Tyler – EXCLUSIVE

Another exclusive that we were lucky enough to land is the new Diamond Jim Tyler effect, Quadrare Caan Opus, that couples the Magic Square and Card at Any Number. It’s a lot of magic for only $29.95, and frankly, I think it’s largely underpriced.

But regardless, I cannot recommend it enough for those of you that have ever been tempted or inclined towards presenting EITHER one of these great effects.

A brilliant merging of two stellar effects.

A brilliant merging of two stellar effects.

Now, you’ve got a simple and relatively easy method of presenting both this lots of entertainment .

Learn and perform this routine and you’ll quickly discover that this effect gains much more than gasps. It garners authentic respect. Your audience will believe you to be a mind-reader, a math whiz, and a card mechanic all in a span of just five minutes.

Cube Sum – Limited Supply

I’ve got to tell you about a wonderful trick that is sure to be a hit with anyone who encounters it – Cube Sum. Trust me when I say, if we still had a storefront magic shop, this is one trick we wouldn’t be able to keep on the shelves. It’s that good.

And UNLIKE many tricks, it can be repeated with equally impressive different results.

Cube Sum packs a gobsmacking wallop for onlookers!

Cube Sum packs a gobsmacking wallop for onlookers!

On top of the fact that it’s easy to perform, it can be presented onstage to a larger crowd without diminishing its impact on the audience.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

A Short Visit

Chris Kenworthy came in this week for a short visit.  It was good to see him as we’ve carried many of his tricks over the years, and he was thrilled with our shop.

Unfortunately, we did not get a picture of him while he was here, but he had to catch a train, so our visit was cut short. Thanks for stopping in Chris and we’ll look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Have a great weekend my friends.



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