Buried Treasure Unearthed!

It’s been a busy week for Cole and his intern, Nik, who’s assisting him in a full inventory of our showroom. And it’s a good thing because they’ve found a bevy of props that have NEVER been listed on our site. It’s definitely a worthwhile project because it seems as quick as we list them they disappear.

Here are a few examples of props we put up, then suddenly vanished with the click of a button, by some fortunate magic collector or magician.

GONE: Novelty Jack Table by Abbott's Magic, Circa 1960

GONE: Novelty Jack Table by Abbott’s Magic, Circa 1960

GONE: Original Jack Hughes Forgetful Joey The Clown

GONE: Original Jack Hughes Forgetful Joey The Clown

GONE: Wayne Dobson's This Is Your Knife, Custom

GONE: Wayne Dobson’s This Is Your Knife, Custom

GONE: Westgate Bowl Production by Town House Magic

GONE: Westgate Bowl Production by Town House Magic

But, not to worry if you missed out on owning one of these treasures. New items are going up daily, so stay tuned!

We’re glad they’re moving so rapidly, because we need the room due to Trade-In Days being back. If you’re ready to empty out your closets and drawers, we’re ready to trade with you. Here’s the low-down on our ever popular trade-in program.


Reap the Rewards of Trade in Days

Get The Magic You REALLY Want & Clean Out Your Cupboards Simultaneously!

Do you have magic that you have previously purchased that is sitting around unused collecting dust?

Here is your chance to turn that clutter into credit!

Our Trade-In Days Let You Trade Your Unwanted Magic For Store Credit

We are seeking: Tricks, Stage Props, Tables, Commemoratives, Collectibles, Puppets, Illusions, Ventriloquist Figures, Livestock Effects, Magic Paraphernalia, Ephemera, etc…We Want It All!


Here’s How It Works:

  1. Send an email to us at sales@hocus-pocus.com and include:
  • Your name and telephone number
  • List the items you want to Trade-in
  • The condition of each item (for example: good working order and complete with instructions)
  • Please submit by Friday, August 15th.
  1. We will review the list and we will email you within 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday) and make you an offer if we are interested in your items.
  2. If you accept the offer, you simply send the items to us, receive your in-store credit and start shopping! It’s that easy!

WE ARE MOST INTERESTED IN: Mid-to large-size apparatus, vintage, antique and older pieces; collectible, or whatever you no longer use!

PLEASE…NO DVDs, videos, packet or small pocket tricks.  When considering items for trade bear in mind that smaller, lower-value items such a pocket tricks are less desirable, but higher ticket items will garner you a greater trade credit.

Okay, let the trading begin!

Surprise Gift from Chris Kenworthy

As a follow up to last week’s short visit, Chris Kenworthy sent a very thoughtful edible gift basket for all of us to enjoy. Chris, thank you so much, everyone took advantage of your very delicious gift.

And I should mention, the pineapple was carved into the shape of magic rabbits! Nice touch Mister Kenworthy.

The chocolate-covered strawberries went quickly!

The chocolate-covered strawberries went quickly!

Magic on TV for Summer

Penn & Teller Fool Us and Masters of Illusion are now airing for our enjoyment and I, for one, am going to be tuning in to watch every episode.

Definitely worth watching!

Definitely worth watching!

Penn & Teller Fool Us, which originally aired in the U.K. beginning in 2011, began airing this week on the CW network at 8pm on Wednesdays.

The show’s premise is that aspiring magicians are invited to perform their best trick to try and fool the world-famous team of Penn & Teller. They will get to see the trick only once and have to immediately try to work it out.

There are no camera tricks, secret edits or helpful camera cuts. This is all real magic. Anyone who succeeds wins the right to perform with Penn & Teller in their celebrated show at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

French card magician, Matthieu Bich ended up fooling the famous duo with his remarkable card trick. The show features outstanding magic and is very much worth watching.

Missed the first episode? No problem, you can watch the full episode of this week’s show by clicking on the link below:

EPISODE: Stab a Card, Any Card: Penn & Teller Fool Us

Masters of Illusion will premiere tonight on the CW at 8:00 pm (check your local listings for exact time) and will continue to air EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT for 13 weeks!

Airs tonight, August 1 on most CW stations.

Airs tonight, August 1 on most CW stations.

It is the first time in years that a magic series will be returning to Prime Time Television. So, do whatever you can to watch it; DVR, Tivo, or watch it LIVE. It’s great to see our Art getting the air-time it deserves.

Tune in and witness some of the World’s most famous Magicians perform some of the most amazing illusions, breathtaking escapes, and comedy magic for the entire family.

Newbies in the Aviary

San Diego hypnotist James Kellogg brought me his doves as they were in need of a new home now that he is no longer performing with them. I’ve added them to my aviary in the backyard, so they will be in good company with the other doves.

A new home for JK's doves.

A new home for JK’s doves.


Everyone is adjusting to the new space very well.

Everyone is adjusting to the new space very well.

Thanks James, and don’t worry, we’ll take good care of them.

As always, have a great weekend my friends,



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