And the Winner is…

11_itsaboyIt’s been “back in the saddle” after a whirlwind trip to the castle. We’re gearing up for the holidays and Cole is busy putting boxes of collectible books on the site each day.

By the way, Cole and Amanda recently revealed to us the sex of their first child. Soon, Betty and I will be enjoying a second grandson.

Where’s the Wizard T-Shirt Contest

As previously mentioned on this blog, we will be featuring a winner of our Where’s the Wizard T-Shirt Contest, which will from time-to-time feature various magicians wearing our Hocus Pocus t-shirts in fun, funny, exotic or unusual places.

As a winner, your photo will appear on this blog much like young Jacob’s shown below!

Jacob Baum sporting his new HP t-shirt at a sporting event!

Jacob Baum sporting his new HP t-shirt at a sporting event!

I recently met Jacob Baum, a very polite and exuberant young magician, and his dad at the recent Magic Castle swap meet. Jacob was quick to submit his photo taken at a recent L.A. Angels game proudly wearing his Hocus Pocus t-shirt.

We think Jacob look better than Angels rookie Mike Trout. Don’t you?

Jacob, your $25 gift certificate is on its way to you.

It’s easy to get involved. After purchasing your Hocus Pocus T-Shirt, send us a picture of you wearing it at conventions, magic shows, mountain tops, or any other great place for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate! The more creative and unusual the photo, the better the chance of winning the title of “Winner” of the Where’s the Wizard contest.

Send your photo submission via email to

Can You Guess Who They Are?

We found this vintage photograph amongst one of our consignments and thought it was very interesting. Pictured is a group of magicians, VERY famous magicians, from a former era. Can you name them? Of course, Houdini is the most recognizable, but who are the others? Can you guess?

Hopefully, you’ll find this as interesting as I did.

(Click on the photo to enlarge it)

Can you guess who these very famous magicians are?

Can you guess who these very famous magicians are?

The first person to email me at with all the correct names of the above pictured magicians will receive a $25 gift certificate.

Gagman’s Short-Lived Life @ Hocus Pocus

I often mention how quickly things come and go around here. Elliot Hitchcock’s Gagman hit the site and was sold in less than 2 hours. It’s essentially a snake basket with a very unique presentation.

Effect: The performer finds himself (or herself) center stage with a box containing an assortment of classic gags. Such as Spring Snakes in a Can, Chomping Teeth, Beanie Propeller Cap, Bag of Laughs, Grouch Nose and Glasses, Google Eyes,,, you get the idea.  An audience member is brought to the stage to assist.  The performer explains the difference between a joke, a gag, and a trick.

Elliot's Gagman went in less than 2 hours time on the website.

Elliot’s Gagman went in less than 2 hours time on the website.

First he tells a joke, then he displays a gag (removing one from the wooden box), and plays the gag on the audience member. Then he performs a trick.  In this case it’s a simple pick a card effect.  A card is freely chosen and signed (corner can be removed as well), and returned to the deck.  Magician attempts to locate card using different methods without any luck.  Somewhat frustrated the performer throws all of the cards as well as the gags back into the box and closes the lid.  A magical gesture over the box, and…

Now is when the magic starts! The stage lights dance and background music swells, the lid on the box slowly opens and a loud continuous laugh comes from within.  The beanie propeller cap emerges from within the box.  We now see that the gag items have formed into a character known as GagMan.  GagMan appears over the box he has a playing card in his chomping teeth.  Guess what? Wrong card!  The performer challenges GagMan to go back down into the box and locate the correct card.  He does so under his own power.  Twice cards fly out of the box and the GagMan reemerges with the correct card in his mouth.  The card is proven to be the same selected card!  Torn corner even matches…

GagMan then takes a bow and returns to the box. The performer wraps up the routine by looking into the box while talking to GagMan only to be sprayed with a fountain of cards.  It turns out the joke’s on him!

Romhany’s Dream Predication Elite

After much anticipation, finally, Dream Prediction Elite has arrived. Without exaggeration, Dream Prediction Elite is taking the mentalism world by storm! It’s the best one-man version of Confabulation that’s been created to date. It’s flying off the shelves.

Romhany's Dream Predication Elite is flying OFF the shelves!

Romhany’s Dream Predication Elite is flying OFF the shelves!

Find out why top mentalists like Banachek, Keith Barry & Neal Scryer never leave home without it!

FREE Shipping & FREE Download Ends Tuesday, September 30th

  • 100% RELIABLE!
  • 100% ACCURACY!
  • DVD – Includes: Handling, Routines, In-Depth Ideas & Live Performances!

Finally, A Much Anticipated Change in the Weather

Finally, it's beginning to cool down here in Fresno.

Finally, it’s beginning to cool down here in Fresno.

We’re finally beginning to feel some serious hints of Autumn in the air. And brother, are we ever ready for Fall to befall us. As summer 2014 departs, we gladly say good-bye.

At the time of this writing, the temperature here in Fresno is 69 degrees with a high of 80 for today. That’s a little bit of heaven compared to what we’ve been experiencing. It’s as if someone flipped a switch and it’s suddenly Autumn.

As always, have a great weekend my friends,





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