The Week That FLU By…

I want to start off this week by saying a very heartfelt thank you to all of you for your comments, phone calls and emails congratulating me on my show.  It has been a very enjoyable process (especially now that the show is over and it went well).  I will try to post some pictures soon but as the title of this blog indicates we have had a very rough week.  It has just been Betty, Cole and I for most of the week.  Max has been in and out of the store with school projects and class.  Tim has had a trip planned for a while to go visit his family so he has been out all week, and the whole shipping department has been out with the flu.

Betty, Cole and I have been running around the store doing our best to fill every order and answer every email and call, and we have succeeded!  To top it off, what I believe is one of the best tricks ever put out by Paul Harris: Fair Play, which has been on pre-order for the past few weeks, came in and shipped out today!  This was a project that would have had our whole team busy, so you can imagine how it was with just the few of us shipping out hundreds of packages today.  If you haven’t looked at Fair Play yet, I highly recommend you take a minute to watch the video below:

To read more about Fair Play, click here!

Cole opened one right away and watched the DVD so he could demonstrate it for me and I have to say it is even better in person that the video shows.  It can be performed right out of the box and honestly the DVD isn’t really needed, but it has great information and performing techniques.  At just $39.95 and free worldwide shipping I believe this will be the perfect holiday gift for any magician from novice to professional.

One other new item that I wanted to tell you about, mostly because I was so excited to unpack them today, is Hare Mail.  This is an exclusive that we got in limited supply.  It is a great way to produce a rabbit or several doves, or non-livestock productions as well.  It could be adapted for other seasonal routines such as a letter from Santa, etc.  It is light weight and packs small.  If you haven’t looked at it already, here is a link and the video:

To read more about Hare Mail, click here!

Tomorrow I think Betty and I are just going to relax to recover from this week and we are having a family dinner.  Sunday we are going to go to Bakersfield so I can be an audience member in the theater I recently performed in.  We are going to support my good friend Mark Price who is performing in a show that his wife Laurie directed: Moon Over Buffalo.  Call 559-325-6100 to get tickets if you are in the area.


Mark is a great performer and we look forward to seeing him and his wife.  I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to sharing photos of my show with you all next week.  Now I have to get back to packing boxes.



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