Christmas is Just Around the Corner



Here we are down to the final week before Christmas, and what a hectic and busy week it’s been making sure that Christmas orders reach their destinations in time for Christmas Day. In fact, it’s been a very busy season and we are most thankful to you, our customers, for your continued patronage.

We know you have a choice when it comes to where you purchase your magic, and we thank you for choosing Hocus Pocus.

Holiday Spirit at the Magic Castle

There is definitely that holiday spirit in the air as we get down to the wire. And speaking of the holiday spirit, this last weekend Tim performed at the Magic Castle for the brunch shows and said his shows went very well to enthusiastic and very receptive audiences. Every inch of the Castle was fully decorated in Christmas décor and Santa & Mrs. Claus were there as well.

Tim said he performed Santa’s Hat, a new holiday trick, as a warm-up for his act and it got great laughs.

Tim Mannix in the Parlour of Prestidigitation last weekend. He performed Santa's Hat and said it went over very well.

Tim Mannix in the Parlour of Prestidigitation last weekend. He performed Santa’s Hat and said it went over very well.

I think it’s one of the best uses of the Bathing Beauty concept I’ve seen in years, and for $20 bucks, you can’t’ go wrong. You may want to pick one up at this price for next year’s holiday shows. He performs it in reverse, removing Santa’s Hat instead of adding it, like in the description.

Santa's Hat really is a funny bit, and for $20 buck you can't go wrong.

Santa’s Hat really is a funny bit, and for $20 buck you can’t go wrong.


FINAL DRAWING: Frosty’s Magic Top Hat Drawing

Since December 1st we’ve been hosting Frosty’s Magic Top Hat Drawing, giving our customers a chance each week to win a $250 Hocus Pocus gift card!

Our Gift Card drawings have occurred on the following dates: December 5th, December 12th, and now, December 19th, our final drawing! The first week’s winner was Norm Lyde and Dr. Masato Mugitani won last week’s drawing. Both were thrilled and more than pleasantly surprised when we contacted them regarding their $250 gift card award.

Finally, for this final week’s drawing, December 19th, we are pleased to announce that Mickey Thurmon aka Mickey Magic has been selected the winner.



Owen Sells, Owen Sells, Owen All the Way

I know what I got for Christmas. Owen Magic Supreme.fancy-christmas-bells

I cannot adequately express how pleased I am to be carrying Owen products, and to be able to offer them to our customers. Each time we get Owen props in, I turn into an eight-year-old. I guess I really am just like a kid at Christmastime. I think that’s what keeps me young, my love of magic.

This newfound alliance with Owen Magic Supreme has been rewarding, exciting and mostly fun. It tickles me to see that I’m actually selling Owen props. We’ve been able to sell a good number of them in a relatively short amount of time, so the Owen gang are very pleased with us. In fact, Alan has just shipped another load of products (12 massive boxes of goodies) for us to put online, so be on the lookout for them next week.

Click on the Owen Genie below to visit our Owen category.

Carrying Owen Magic Supreme items is like Christmas to me.

Carrying Owen Magic Supreme items is like Christmas to me.


Holiday Hours

We will be closed both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but we will be back on Friday the 26th for those that didn’t get exactly what they wanted.



Our Dancing Elf

And finally, Zachary.

Yes, someone we know is VERY excited about Christmas as you can see by the recent video shot at a preschool performance of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. My grandson Zachary is the one on the end wearing the Chillin’ t-shirt and singing the loudest, complete with hand gestures. I think we definitely may have another performer in the family.

We start ’em young. Show business is in his blood.

One thing is for sure. You can’t say that Zachary isn’t IN the Christmas spirit.

Until next time,



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