Grandpa week!

What a great week this has been!

I cannot emphasize enough how great it is to be a grandfather!  My grandson Zachary (aka Superman) had his fourth birthday this week.  Check him out. He is in his classic Superman pose and as you can see by the look on his face, he’s very serious about it.


     Super-Zachary is here to save the day!

It’s hard to believe it has already been four years!  I remember so clearly when he was born and it has been incredible watching him grow into the superhero that he is today.  We are going to celebrate his birthday this weekend with a party at Chuckee Cheese.  I haven’t been there for years, but I am very excited to watch him and his friends play and have a great time! Hey I might even jump into the ball pit!

As if getting to be with Zachary during his birthday week wasn’t enough, I got to spend some time with my newest grandson Clark as well!  Betty and I went over on Wednesday night to have dinner with Cole and his wife Amanda, but between you and me….It was really to see Clark.


                                                Clark fell asleep on Grandpa almost as soon as I held him

Check out the photo below of little Clark. Betty and I think he’s quite photogenic!


                                                         Clark Michael Scharton – Newborn Photo Shoot

This week has gone insanely fast at the store.  It was Cole’s first week back since his son was born and It’s been great having back because it has been exceptionally busy!

We are all excited about the new Blackpool convention items  that have been added to our website. This a record number of new releases.  Be sure to check out them out by clicking the banner below.


                                   Check out the 2015 releases fresh off the showroom floor at Blackpool

Believe it or not it has been 70 degrees here all week. I think It’s a good time to start getting my yard into shape.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Until next time,



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