Going Totally Gonzo!

Before I tell how nuts people have gone for one of our latest offerings, I got to tell you about my grandson Zachary’s recent birthday party because he really went gonzo during his first trip to Chucky Cheese’s.

Zachary’s 4th Birthday

Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending Zachary Bray’s fourth birthday party which was held at one of our local Chuck E. Cheese’s. it was a superman theme party. We had Superman everything; cake, tablecloth, napkins. The love and affinity towards Superman is now firmly established as a Gross family tradition — all males will surely be indoctrinated into this subset of American society.


Happy birthday to Zachary with a mega cake and a super hero mask. What could be better?

The kid went especially nuts, when it was time to put him into the special Chuck E. Cheese’s Prize Grabber Booth.  At first, Zachary didn’t quite grasp the whole idea of this strange endeavor, but when the blower turned on and prize tickets and certificates started flying about he quickly caught on.

The birthday child has 60 seconds to grab as many of the flying tickets as possible with the hopes of a major windfall that can be cashed in for a bevy of prizes (trinkets) courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese.

Based on Zachary’s first encounter, I’m thinking we’ll be back at Chucky’s place real soon.


Betty and I with our Super Man grandson Zachary. I’m telling you the boy was wound up and happy as can be.

After the prize-grabbing was completed, Zachary asked the attendant if he could do it again. He was ready to go for the GOLD! But even grandpa’s dissuading arguments didn’t stop him from continually asking the girl for one more shot at MORE major kid-cash and prizes.

Sadly, his efforts proved to be futile, but there’s always another chance NEXT year!

The Super Hero bunch joins Superman Zachary for a pose for the local paparazzi - at Chuck E. Cheese's.

The Super Hero bunch joins Superman Zachary for a pose for the local paparazzi – at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

We were all amazed that he wore the Super Hero mask that they gave him all during the party. Zachary is definitely committed to the hero business. My daughter Renee, husband Jonathan and their good friends dressed in Super Hero t-shirts for the occasion. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern were represented.

I love my grandson. He makes me laugh!

Gonzo by Jose Lac Quest

We’ve gone Gonzo for GONZO and so have our customers. Early this week we sent an email out announcing the arrival of Jose Lac Quest’s newest effect called Gonzo. Well, people went nuts or GONZO! Within minutes I started getting orders and it didn’t stop. Had I had a bell on my computer it would’ve been ringing ALL day. It was incredible!

You really do have to watch the video to see how miraculous this effect comes off -- like REAL magic!

You really do have to watch the video to see how miraculous this effect comes off — like REAL magic!

Here’s the advert:

Empty Hands. Rolled-Up Sleeves. Bare Forearms. Pure Amazement!

An Innovative Streamlined New Hold-Out Device That Delivers What Seems Like REAL Magic!

A wondrous, secret gimmick that enables you to spread your fingers wide open and show both sides of your hands completely empty. Roll up your sleeves to just below the elbow to show your bare forearms.

Spectators clearly see both sides of your hands and arms before and after each stunning effect. Everything happens in full view as you deliver miracle after miracle!

To Get the Full Impact of GONZO, You Gotta Watch the Video!

Click on this image to view the video for GONZO.

Click on this image to view the video for GONZO.

Gonzo Factoids

  • Vanishes happen in an instant
  • An object can be vanished and reappeared freely without reset
  • When done with the effect, your hands and arms can be examined
  • The weight of a double (AA) battery is the heaviest Bonzo can handle
  • The largest width of an object is the bottle cap as seen in the trailer. Slightly smaller JUMBO pennies work just fine
  • Reset is pretty much instant …super easy…takes literally no time for a vanish…for a production slightly more time

Deal Of The Day (5 Days)

Next week we’ll be offering FIVE separate and unique deals EACH day of the week. The discounts vary, but trust me when I say that each of the daily deals really is a good deal on something magicians will want.  But, there’s a catch, here it is….

Each Deal-of-the-Day is in fact unique in that there is a LIMITED supply of each item offered. We may have quantifies of thirty (30) of one trick, yet only ten (10) of another.


These daily deals automatically DISAPPEAR when supplies on hand are exhausted or the following morning promptly at 9:00am PST — whichever comes first! So once the supply is depleted you’re out of luck!

Now would be a good time to watch your email inbox for these forthcoming deals. And if not already a member, sign up!

Off to the Spring Home Show


Betty and I will be attending the Spring Home Show this weekend at the fairgrounds. It always fun and gives us somewhere to go and we get to see all that’s new or interesting. I know we’ll have fun.

Hope your weekend is a good one too.

Until next time,



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