Owen Magic is Supreme

Regular readers of this blog will know that we have been fortunate enough to begin listing and selling some of the Owen Magic Supreme items having formed a working relationship and alliance with Alan Zagorsky.

It all stemmed from purchases I started making from Owen, over a year ago, as I started rebuilding my magic act to perform in the 3 Amigos of Magic Show. Alan and I began talking and he wanted to come up and see Hocus Pocus and tour the showroom, and he did. It was shortly after his visit that he indicated that he wanted us to carry some of his product. I was ecstatic to say the least.


Subsequently, over the last 6 months, Alan has made more and more Owen props available for us to carry and each time I trek back to Azusa, he gives me new and different items to list. I’m in hog heaven and if sales are any indicator, and they are, our customers are in hog heaven too.

Some of our collector clients are well aware that we recently launched the remainder of the Les Smith Estate. Les Smith was Alan’s stepfather and longtime owner of  Owen Magic Supreme.

And speaking of collectors, our very good customer Bill Trotter, sent us a picture of his recent acquisitions of Owen props purchased from Hocus Pocus.

Bill Trotter's recent acquisitions of Owen props from Hocus Pocus.

Bill Trotter’s recent acquisitions of Owen props from Hocus Pocus.

On my last trip to Owen, Alan made two additional items available for us to sell on our site. Now, both the Barrel of Spirits and the Hero’s Horse are available at Hocus Pocus.

A Barrel of Spirits (Large) by Owen Magic Supreme

A beautiful example of fine workmanship on this prop.

A beautiful example of fine workmanship on this prop.

Effect: The empty shell only of a wine or liquor cask is displayed and the ends are covered with paper held in place by metal bands. The keg is then suspended by chains in an open framework stand.

A small brass spigot is pushed into the paper at one end of the keg, opened and an endless stream of liquid pours forth. The magician fills countless glasses with wine, liquor, beer, milk, etc.

Beautifully made of brass and copper and finished to simulate wood. Entirely self-contained

Hero’s Horse by Owen Magic Supreme

Owen Magic’s James Olsen has recreated and embellished one of the Alexandrian “Temple Wonders” first described in a manuscript by Hero of Alexandria nearly 2000 years ago. A stunning golden statue of a horse stands atop an ebony and brass base.


Effect: The performer twice passes a solid steel sword through the horse’s neck from top to bottom, yet the horse’s head remains firmly attached.

Commenting that the horse may be thirsty after such an ordeal, the performer offers a glass of water, which the horse drinks down with a “slurp.” The glass is put down in a strategic spot, and after a moment, nature takes its course in an unexpected way. On the spectator’s command, the horse immediately stops what it is doing to conclude the presentation on an amusing note.

“Hero’s Horse” is both esthetically beautiful and mechanically remarkable. The liquid effects are accomplished in a historically appropriate manner, without springs, pumps or moving parts. This museum-quality piece is only one example of Owen Magic’s custom engineering and building capabilities.

Yes, Owen Magic is SUPREME as far as I’m concerned. Stay tuned as we continuously add new products as they become available to us.

And check out our current offerings in the Owen Magic Supreme category by clickin the Owen Genii.


And Finally…

One quick pic of my grandson Clark at his first baseball game. Cole and Amanda headed up to Sacramento for the weekend and took in a River Cats game.

The Sacramento River Cats are a minor league baseball team based in West Sacramento and play in the Pacific Coast League. They are a Triple-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.

Clark at his first baseball game, the River Cats of Sacramento.

Clark at his first baseball game, the River Cats of Sacramento.

Have a supreme weekend my friends.

More news later,



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