Something for Nothing

Hey, good news! Thanks to several improvements we’ve made to our website & systems of late, we are now able to expedite the entire delivery process for downloading magic to a fraction of the time that it used to take.

In the past, our method was less far less sophisticated than we liked and it could take up to 24 hours to receive an email containing a link to the download. So, “Instant Download” was not altogether an accurate term. However, with this new system, our customers can be viewing their videos within a very minutes time on a mobile device or computer.

Try Our Quick And Easy Downloads!

Care to test-drive our system by trying a download? To introduce our customers to our new and improved system, we are offering several different downloads at absolutely no cost to you.

Try our newest FREE downloads by CAGEY from the Omega Mutation and COAT an except from Cameron Francis by clicking on either of the images below. If those don’t float your boat, our FREE magic category contains over fifty FREE downloads.


CAGEY - A FREE effect from the Omega Mutation 3 volume set. Enjoy it as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

CAGEY – A FREE effect from the Omega Mutation 3 volume set. Enjoy it as a FREE DOWNLOAD!


This is one of the many great effects on Cameron Francis' Out of Sleight! Enjoy it as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

This is one of the many great effects on Cameron Francis’ Out of Sleight! Enjoy it as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Another Consignment Nears

As mentioned in last week’s blog, we are honored to have been chosen to represent the Edward Moylan Estate by his family.

This amazing collection includes rare and discontinued apparatus from such top-of-the-line manufacturers as P & L, Thayer, Owen, Abbott, Haenchen and Silk King Studios.  Items ranging from close-up to stage and most in absolute pristine, never-used condition.

I thought I would be nice to give readers of this blog a preview of some of the props and collectibles contained in this estate. So, here they are:



The Excelsior Coin Pail

The Excelsior Coin Pail


Custom Presentation Wand

Custom Presentation Wand


Owen Thayer Tumbler Pedestal


The Loring Checker Mystery

The Loring Checker Mystery


Nickled Transformation Vase

Nickled Transformation Vase

Also included will be several rare and out-of-print books, by such authors as Caveney, Albo, Charvet and Steinmeyer…..some from the private collections of Doug Henning and Ken Griffin.

Elliott's Last Legacy.  Card Tricks And Conjuring

Elliott’s Last Legacy. Card Tricks And Conjuring.


Houdini's Book Of Magic And Party Pastimes

Houdini’s Book Of Magic And Party Pastimes

There will also be photographs and ephemera, some from the Harry Blackstone Jr. estate.

And a truly one-of-a-kind item….an original Alan Wakeling automaton.  The first automaton made by Alan after he retired as Mark Wilson’s Creative Director.

Owen Rapping Hand

Owen Rapping Hand

Remember, this is just a sampling of what’s in the Moylan Estate, so STAY TUNED as we near the launch date of this remarkable estate.

Always on the look-out.

Always on the look-out.

Can We Be of Assistance?

We are always on the lookout for quality pre-owned magic props, so if we can be of service to your or someone you know, please give us a call and we will gladly assist.

Also, if you’re not on our email list, take a moment and sign up to receive updates and information about our productions and pending estate sales.

Click on the image below and look for the JOIN NOW button on the right side of the page.

A Kiwi Hypnotist Visits

This week we had a visitor, Guy Cater from New Zealand, stop in to visit at a mutual friend’s highest recommendation. Our mutual friend is Paul Romhany. We had a great short visit and give him the nickel tour to his utter delight.

Guy was passing through on the way to perform his hypnosis show at a graduation night in Novato California. Guy spends most of his time in New Zealand, but each year he travels to the US to perform at college & high school graduation parties touring & performing at dozens of venues.

We were remiss in not getting a shot of Guy in the showroom (sorry Guy), but here’s his picture from his website.

Guy Cater, the only Kiwi hypnotist to headline in Las Vegas!

Guy Cater, the only Kiwi hypnotist to headline in Las Vegas!

Guy Cater is a Kiwi, born and raised in Howick, New Zealand and now lives with his two teenage daughters in Titirangi. He has been performing professionally for well over 20 years beginning his show business career as a children’s magic clown … HAPPY THE HOBO, then moving into compere (emcee to Americans) and comedy work.

Guy gained a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1980, but decided that clinical work was not for him and began using his hypnotic techniques and skills in his Comedy Act, later developing his act into a full-evening show.

Over the years, improving upon his skills and continuing to enhance his show, Guy received many awards including  Best Children’s Entertainer, 17th New Zealand Magic Convention (1981), the Golden Benny , the most prestigious and highest Award of The New Zealand Variety Artists Club (1995), and a Life Membership Award of New Zealand Variety Artists Club and inducted into their Hall of Fame (1997).

Hopefully, one day I can catch Guy’s act.


We’re planning on staying indoors and near the pool this weekend.

The temperature to tomorrow is supposed to reach 106, so any yard work is going to have to happen early to escape the Fresno heat.

Have a great weekend my friends.

More news later,




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