Tricks that really ARE Treats!


We had a small film crew in the shop today shooting some b-reel shots for inserts on a video project we’re supplying the magic props for. Tim will be acting as a consultant of the shoot next week instructing the actor (CEO of a local company) how to perform the magic.

They’re producing a corporate video for their annual Christmas party with the company head posing as a magician on America’s Got Talent. They will intersperse real AGT footage into the film so that it appears the CEO is appearing as a contestant on the show.

Shooting in the Hocus Pocus showroom for a video project.

Shooting in the Hocus Pocus showroom for a video project.

Last year’s reel had the boss-man appearing as each of the members of the Village People during a rendition of the band’s famous YMCA single. Apparently, this gentleman is quite a fun guy, who likes to give his employees a laugh for the holidays. I suspect this will be the best video yet since it sounds like they’re going all out and Tim is helping them. Besides, how could you go wrong with magic? After all, last year’s winner was a magician!

The picture above was posted to our Instagram account by my son Max, who keeps Instagramers up-to-date on the happenings and offerings of Hocus Pocus. Thanks to Max’s efforts we now have over 5800 subscribers. Thanks Max to bringing us into the 21st Century.

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Now to my point….those Tricks that really ARE Treats!

I wanted to call your attention to several new releases that have gotten my attention. Not only are they good tricks, but they are surely treats for the eyes to behold.

First, Tora Magic’s Die to Lady in Garden-of-Flowers. Quite honestly, you won’t’ find a better, more compact and affordable illusion. My highest recommendation for return-on-investment. Secondly, Florian Sainvet’s Moneyer is strong, visual magic. Instant cash at your finger tips. Watch the video and see if you don’t agree.

Thirdly, Milk To by Bazar de Magia takes the old Ink to Goldfish effect to the next level. It is far superior, with a better gimmick, and, at the price, you can’t go wrong.

Finally, Shoe Business 2.0 by Scott Alexander & Puck combines the old Cake in Hat and the classic Vanishing Bandana into a contemporary effect for today’s audiences. All of these effects are worthy of consideration provided they fit into your repertoire.

Here are the descriptions and videos.

Die to Lady in Garden-of-Flowers Illusion by Tora Magic

A jumbo stage version of the Bob Kline’s original transformation effect!

From Tora Magic, the Die to Lady in Garden-of-Flowers is an easy-to-perform illusion, which leaves your audience completely baffled and elevates your show to the next level!

If you’re seeking an effective, compact illusion that can be performed surrounded AND with little or no rehearsal time, you cannot go wrong with Tora’s Die to Lady in Garden-of-Flowers. Without hesitation, we can truly attest to the fact that THIS is the best BANG FOR YOUR BUCK illusion you’ll find on the market today!

For those in the know, this illusion was created and introduced to the magic fraternity by Bob Kline as a Dice to Doves. Later, Harries of Sweden released their version of the effect as Die Surprise. Tora Magic Company has taken this stellar parlor-sized livestock effect and produced it in a grander size befitting the stage.

Now, with simple instructions you can effortlessly produce the birthday party kid or your lovely assistant instantaneously with a impactful illusion that will fit compactly into the backseat of your car. Plus, the unexpected and surprising Garden-of-Flowers finish perfectly concludes the production of a live person.

One of the most effective, low-cost illusions you can buy!

One of the most effective, low-cost illusions you can buy!

EFFECT: The magician displays a enormous red die resting atop a platform with casters. It is encased in a metal framework, which he removes and then gives the die a 360º turn allowing it to be seen from all angles. Next, he places the aluminum framework back over the die and finally a large black foulard obscuring the die from the audience’s view.

With a magical pass, the magician whisks the foulard away for all to see that his lady assistant has appeared in place of the die. Yes, a complete transformation to a live human being!

But, wait. He’s not done!

Lifting the metal framework upwards the girl is immediately surrounded in a garden of colorful feather flowers. Not only have you performed a strong transformation, but the surprise ending beautifully concludes this knock-out Illusion.

Produce a dog or an mid-sized animal, the CEO of the company for the annual holiday party or a product for its official launch. Anyone who can crouch down and fit inside will make a stunning appearance.

The Die to Lady in Garden-of-Flowers Illusion comes complete with everything required including an instructional DVD.

This illusion is a very deceptive and an undeniably surprising transformation skillfully manufactured overseas by Tora Magic Company.

HURRY: With but a few units available, it would be wise NOT to linger if considering this effect.

Moneyer by Florian Sainvet

Instant Money from nowhere: Moneyer: The ultimate answer to the question: can you make money appear?

Nothing to make, Moneyer is on you, ready for use whenever you want.

Highly visual and really easy, Moneyer is the tool that allows you to take money out of any borrowed object or bare hands.

Shoe Business 2.0 by Scott Alexander & Puck

This is the newest version of Shoe Business with all new jokes told by your personal smartphone assistant. If you have an iPhone you know the voice we are talking about. She gets so many things confused in this hilarious reboot of our widely successful original Shoe Business.


This deluxe edition comes with a custom made polyacrylic cup, mock smartphone, audio track featuring all the new jokes and bits of business we have developed since version one came out.

This one is even funnier than the original.

Milk To by Bazar de Magia

An easy, simple-preparation and care trick to perform, having a high impact on the audience. It includes glasses and a silk!

Such a clever gimmick, so much better than the original that we all knew growing up.

Such a clever gimmick, so much better than the original that we all knew growing up.

This is pure magic at your hand. Turn milk into almost ANYTHING that will fit into the glass …  your audience will go crazy.

Watch this video and see if you don’t agree that THIS version is considerably better than the former one most of us grew up with.

Happy Halloween

We trust you and yours will have a safe and wonderful Halloween. It is a busy time for magicians and we appreciate your business. Tomorrow is the 89th anniversary of Harry Houdini’s untimely death, that today is celebrated as National Magic Day. National Magic Day is celebrated by magic lovers across America each year on October 31 as part of National Magic Week.


Since it’s such a magical time of year, I thought I’d leave you with something, a video, from one of my favorites — a man that singlehandedly changed the course and direction of my life — Mark Wilson.

So, here he is, mister Mark Wilson performing the Cub Scout to Rabbit trick on the The Magic Land of Allakazam with the lovely and talented Nani Darnell and Rebo the Clown.

As always, have a great weekend my friends.

More news later,



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