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Happy Thanksgiving!

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November is the time to be thankful, a time to remember and to embrace those who enrich our lives. I’m thankful for a lot of things, but I’m most thankful for YOU, our customer!

Without out you, we would NOT be in business, that’s for sure. So, I say without reservation, that I am immensely grateful for your continuing patronage.


When did Black Friday Start?

The history of Black Friday actually begins on a Thursday and with a parade. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, created in 1924, has long been ushering in the Holiday shopping season, and of course, that season begins on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in the early days.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in the early days.

Jump to 1939, when Franklin D. Roosevelt–32nd President of the United States–moves Thanksgiving back a week to give retailers more time to peddle their wares. Roosevelt’s plan caused quite a stir as he announced the change in October. Many celebrated the Holiday in its original time spot that year and mocked Roosevelt’s Holiday as “Franksgiving”—it wouldn’t be until years later that the date stuck. In retrospect, we can’t help but wonder if Roosevelt knew what he was doing all along, because a year in which two Thanksgivings are enjoyed sounds like the opposite of a mistake to me.

FDR moved Thanksgiving back a week to give retailers more time to peddle their wares.

FDR moved Thanksgiving back a week to give retailers more time to peddle their wares.

It wasn’t until the mid-1980’s that the story of businesses getting out of the red and into the black financially, started to make the rounds. Savvy marketing professionals rewrote the story of Black Friday and today Black Friday acts as the busiest shopping day of the year, and the only day in which some people are willing to get up before six.  The mythology of Black Friday continues to grow each year as the deals become extravagant and the crowds become more and more.


Look for our Black Friday Sale in your email box. We’re sure to have deals for every magician’s pocketbook.

Global Winter Wonderland

Tim will be out of the office one-and-off over the next 6 weeks acting as one the ringmasters for the Circus of Lights, which is the show associated with the Global Winter Wonderland returning to the Tulare County Fairgrounds beginning this weekend.



Betty and I may take our grandson Zachary down to see this unusual event, which allows you to “Travel The World In One Night” seeing the iconic landmarks of the world illuminated. They even make it snow a couple of times nightly. There are rides, food, games and entertainment, so it’s essentially a carnival of lights.

The Global Winter Wonderland is occurring simultaneously in Sacramento at the Cal Expo with an ice rink and Acrobats on Ice show. So, if you’re not far from the Sacramento or Tulare areas, you may want to stop in and see what it’s all about.

Famous-Magician-ClipsAnd now, this week’s video. It’s a clip from 1980’s television. Doug Henning with Bruce Jenner performing a great magic routine with some desirable magic props.

Again, our deepest appreciation for your business. We know you have choices, and we’re glad you choose to shop with us.

Have a safe and happy holiday my friends.



‘Tis the Season

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‘Tis the season to think about your holiday shows and Christmas wish list for effects that pertain to the season. Silly Billy’s latest sucker effect, Peek-a-Boo Santa, is ideal for your holiday kid shows and two recent Tora Magic effects are now available through Hocus Pocus, but only in a limited supply.

Also, as a reminder, you may want to create or add to your Hocus Pocus Wish List making it easier for you or gift-givers to access the tricks your really want for the holidays.

We’ve recently received a fresh supply of Dean’s Box, so if you’ve been considering adding it to your repertoire, now is a good time. Especially since the price increase will take effect December 1st.


Peek-a-Boo Santa by Silly Billy – Hurry LIMITED QUANTITY

Silly Billy’s newest road-tested item – a Run, Santa, Run on steroids!

Introducing the best Santa Claus trick on the market today. It’s like Run, Santa, Run on steroids. (If there was a Run, Santa, Run, which there isn’t!)

Peek-a-Boo Santa is based on Silly Billy’s hit trick Peek-a-Boo Bunny. Everything learned from building and performing Peek-a-Boo Bunny was added to the improvements and engineering of Peek-a-Boo Santa.


You get the tricked out chimney, the SIX Santas, and believe it or not, a beautiful red velvet bag to carry it in! It looks just like Santa’s sack! And this red sack is a natural fit with the plot about Santa.

You need a NEW Christmas trick for your repeat clients. You will be the ONLY magician in your market with this brand new trick. And you will have the time of your life performing it!

Add These EXCLUSIVES to Your Holiday Wish List

You may want to consider these Hocus Pocus Exclusives for your holiday list since they are in limited quantities and are really exceptionally visual tricks.

Mega 55 Bloom Botania by Tora Magic Company


In particular, I want to point out the Mega 55 Bloom Botania is extraordinary. You will NOT find a better botania — this size, at this price — anywhere.

In fact, if you were to purchase a similar prop from another maker, it would easily cost you TRIPLE the price. We have but a few, so make haste if you’re on a mind to. You won’t regret it.

And another Tora trick that is just dynamite.

Split & Color Changing Jumbo Dice by Tora Magic Company


This is really a very good trick. I like it very much and believe it would make a nice addition to your show, especially set to music. It’s simple to perform and although it’s push-button magic, I suspect audience reactions will be audible as your cannot discern any size difference as the die changes color.


Dean’s Box – Get it BEFORE the Price Changes

This is the magnificent and powerful effect that bamboozled so many magicians when first it hit the market. Soon it will go up to $400.


Here are a few words of praise for Dean’s Box:

  • “I think “Dean’s Box” is terrific. It is rare for me to be fooled by a trick, and this trick completely fooled me twice. Even if performed with a pedestrian presentation it would be an amazing mystery. Cloak this trick with a dramatic presentation and you’ve got something that people will remember for a long time.” – Michael Close
  • “I saw Dean fool a room full of magicians with this ever-so-clever routine. You will marvel at its simplicity and effectiveness.” – Mike Caveney
  • “I am utterly baffled by Dean’s Magic Box.” – John Carney
  • “This will fool you, it will fool your audience, and it is actually fun to perform.” – Michael Weber
  • “Wow, that’s real magic! Unconditionally recommended. You’ll love it.” – Mark Wilson
  • “The routine is simple, powerful and destined to be a classic.” – David Williamson
  • “It’s thrills and chills to witness Dean’s Box.” – John Kennedy
  • “It hurts to be fooled that bad.” – Tony Clark
  • “Dean’s Box fooled me badly.” – Martin Lewis

The craftsmanship is superb, the effect is absolutely devastating!!! Worth ten times more than the selling price, see what everyone is talking about! Comes complete with DVD instructions.


For the next several weeks I’ll be including video clips of my favorite magicians of all time. People who inspired me, who impressed me, or those who drew me into the world of magic that I hold so dear. So, enjoy them.

This week, the man that inspired me to perform a dove act, Channing Pollock.

Channing Pollock – The Most Sophisticated And Charismatic Practitioners Of His Craft


Time to Decorate the House

Around here we start early. This weekend my boys and I are readying my house, and theirs, for the coming holidays. It’s always a lot of fun and another good reason to get together with family for good food and fun.



As always, have a great weekend my friends.

More news later,



Tenyo! Tenyo! Tenyo!

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They came and they went — the VERY same day. That is, the 2016 Tenyo items.

Those fortunate customers that pre-ordered their Tenyo items will be receiving them shortly if they’ve not already arrived. As you can see by the pictures we had a significant number go out in the mail this week – 247 packages to be exact.


Currently, we are completely out of stock on the MYSTERY DOGHOUSE and will soon be out of the FUTURE PUZZLE before replenishment stock is received. That’s how popular Tenyo is with magic collectors and aficionados alike.

Remember, the sooner you order yours, the sooner it’ll go out in the next wave of stock.

Finally, it's arrived -- our shipment from Tenyo. Now, to get these OUT today!

Finally, it’s arrived — our shipment from Tenyo. Now, to get these OUT today!

Our customers have been patiently waiting. So, we're sending out all 247 packages pronto.

Our customers have been patiently waiting. So, we’re sending out all 247 packages pronto.

BAM! We're done. They've all shipped out to the lucky recipients.

BAM! We’re done. They’ve all shipped out to the lucky recipients.

Mystery Doghouse (2016) by Tenyo Co. – Trick – (OUT OF STOCK)




A series of incredible effects will leave your audience breathless! An adorable toy puppy changes color, and magically jumps from place to place while closed up inside a box. These visual effects are made possible by a new and unique mechanism, and are great fun to perform.


  1. A spectator chooses one colored puppy from among the colorful sponge puppies.
  2. The remaining puppies are inserted into a box containing three compartments. The box’s lid is shut tight.
  3. When the lid is removed, all of the puppies have magically transformed into the same color as the selected puppy!

Additional effects are also possible, including the teleportation of puppy figures from one place to another.

Magical Plunger (2016) by Tenyo Co. – Trick – (IN STOCK)



When this trick was first released, magicians around the world could not stop singing its praises. It’s a first-rate card routine that is unique, fun, baffling, and best of all, easy to master. We have added something new to the gimmick, making it more natural and reliable to perform.


  1. A spectator tells a random number to the mini plunger. When you push the plunger against a deck of cards.
  2. The plunger miraculously lifts exactly that number of cards!
  3. This time, a spectator selects a random card, remembers it, and returns it to the deck.
  4. The spectator whispers the name of the selected card to the plunger. When you push the plunger against the deck… the cards cut at exactly the right location to locate the selection!

Ghost Camera (2016) by Tenyo Co. – Trick – (IN STOCK)

Take a photo of something invisible!



Invisible objects appear in a photo! The camera is completely ungimmicked so you can borrow a spectator’s smartphone to take the photo. This cutting-edge trick will captivate audiences because it is both timely and baffling.


  1. The spectator selects a card, returns it to the deck, and covers the deck with a handkerchief.
  2. The magician snaps a photo using a smartphone.
  3. When the audience looks at the photo, they are shocked to see that the selected card has appeared in the picture! This can be immediately repeated with a different card.

Future Puzzle (2016) by Tenyo Co. – Trick – (IN STOCK)



“That’s impossible!” “Beyond incredible!” Everyone who has witnessed this trick has been shocked beyond words. After a spectator names any picture card from a deck of playing cards at random, the magician assembles a small jigsaw puzzle. The freely named playing card is inexplicably shown on the surface of the puzzle! This baffling prediction trick is extremely powerful and direct, yet you’ll be performing it in no time, thanks to a clever principle and gimmick.


  1. Jigsaw puzzle pieces containing images of playing cards are displayed in a box. The magician asks a spectator to freely name any picture card he wishes.
  2. The pieces are all dropped out of the box, and assembled.
  3. Amazingly, the puzzle shows an image of the exact picture card that was named!



Our friend Silly Billy has an exciting new trick for your upcoming Christmas parties. Look for it early next week on our website. It delivers laughs and good cheer. Now is the time to shop for props for holiday shows. Click on the image above to be taken to our Christmas Magic category.

It’s turned cold here in Fresno with daily highs averaging in the low 60’s. In Fresno, there’s no transition, Mother Nature flips a switch and it goes from 89º one day to 54º the next. Such is life in Central California.


As always, have a great weekend my friends.

More news later,