Tenyo! Tenyo! Tenyo!

They came and they went — the VERY same day. That is, the 2016 Tenyo items.

Those fortunate customers that pre-ordered their Tenyo items will be receiving them shortly if they’ve not already arrived. As you can see by the pictures we had a significant number go out in the mail this week – 247 packages to be exact.


Currently, we are completely out of stock on the MYSTERY DOGHOUSE and will soon be out of the FUTURE PUZZLE before replenishment stock is received. That’s how popular Tenyo is with magic collectors and aficionados alike.

Remember, the sooner you order yours, the sooner it’ll go out in the next wave of stock.

Finally, it's arrived -- our shipment from Tenyo. Now, to get these OUT today!

Finally, it’s arrived — our shipment from Tenyo. Now, to get these OUT today!

Our customers have been patiently waiting. So, we're sending out all 247 packages pronto.

Our customers have been patiently waiting. So, we’re sending out all 247 packages pronto.

BAM! We're done. They've all shipped out to the lucky recipients.

BAM! We’re done. They’ve all shipped out to the lucky recipients.

Mystery Doghouse (2016) by Tenyo Co. – Trick – (OUT OF STOCK)




A series of incredible effects will leave your audience breathless! An adorable toy puppy changes color, and magically jumps from place to place while closed up inside a box. These visual effects are made possible by a new and unique mechanism, and are great fun to perform.


  1. A spectator chooses one colored puppy from among the colorful sponge puppies.
  2. The remaining puppies are inserted into a box containing three compartments. The box’s lid is shut tight.
  3. When the lid is removed, all of the puppies have magically transformed into the same color as the selected puppy!

Additional effects are also possible, including the teleportation of puppy figures from one place to another.

Magical Plunger (2016) by Tenyo Co. – Trick – (IN STOCK)



When this trick was first released, magicians around the world could not stop singing its praises. It’s a first-rate card routine that is unique, fun, baffling, and best of all, easy to master. We have added something new to the gimmick, making it more natural and reliable to perform.


  1. A spectator tells a random number to the mini plunger. When you push the plunger against a deck of cards.
  2. The plunger miraculously lifts exactly that number of cards!
  3. This time, a spectator selects a random card, remembers it, and returns it to the deck.
  4. The spectator whispers the name of the selected card to the plunger. When you push the plunger against the deck… the cards cut at exactly the right location to locate the selection!

Ghost Camera (2016) by Tenyo Co. – Trick – (IN STOCK)

Take a photo of something invisible!



Invisible objects appear in a photo! The camera is completely ungimmicked so you can borrow a spectator’s smartphone to take the photo. This cutting-edge trick will captivate audiences because it is both timely and baffling.


  1. The spectator selects a card, returns it to the deck, and covers the deck with a handkerchief.
  2. The magician snaps a photo using a smartphone.
  3. When the audience looks at the photo, they are shocked to see that the selected card has appeared in the picture! This can be immediately repeated with a different card.

Future Puzzle (2016) by Tenyo Co. – Trick – (IN STOCK)



“That’s impossible!” “Beyond incredible!” Everyone who has witnessed this trick has been shocked beyond words. After a spectator names any picture card from a deck of playing cards at random, the magician assembles a small jigsaw puzzle. The freely named playing card is inexplicably shown on the surface of the puzzle! This baffling prediction trick is extremely powerful and direct, yet you’ll be performing it in no time, thanks to a clever principle and gimmick.


  1. Jigsaw puzzle pieces containing images of playing cards are displayed in a box. The magician asks a spectator to freely name any picture card he wishes.
  2. The pieces are all dropped out of the box, and assembled.
  3. Amazingly, the puzzle shows an image of the exact picture card that was named!



Our friend Silly Billy has an exciting new trick for your upcoming Christmas parties. Look for it early next week on our website. It delivers laughs and good cheer. Now is the time to shop for props for holiday shows. Click on the image above to be taken to our Christmas Magic category.

It’s turned cold here in Fresno with daily highs averaging in the low 60’s. In Fresno, there’s no transition, Mother Nature flips a switch and it goes from 89º one day to 54º the next. Such is life in Central California.


As always, have a great weekend my friends.

More news later,


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