Santa’s TRICK PICKS For Christmas 2015

Hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one. I can tell you that ours was. We managed to get the house decorated for the holidays, inside and out, and it looks great. My son-in-law Jonathan and sons Cole and Max handled the lights and décor outside and Betty and I were in charge of the interior. Thanks to all it looks A LOT like Christmas at the Gross house!

Like many retailers, we offered significant savings for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday to our customers. And yes, Black Friday was very good to us.

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Santa’s TRICK PICKS For Christmas 2015

We have a number of tricks that are highly recommended and high on Santa’s List of Top Picks. Here are the top FOUR:


1. Straight Suit by Louie Foxx Book (Hocus Pocus EXCLUSIVE)

Are you looking for a new comedy escape for family shows? The Straight Suit is Louie Foxx’s hilarious take on the straitjacket escape that will get BIG reactions!

EFFECT: You are strapped into the Straight Suit, which is like a straitjacket except that it’s a full body restraint. While you struggle to escape the suit suddenly inflates and fills up with air! This is where the fun comes in, while you wiggle to escape you cause the suit to gyrate in all sorts of crazy ways before you finally escape!


You’ll be amazed at how quickly people whip out their cell phones and start taking pictures!


2. Applause Please by Louie Foxx Book (Hocus Pocus EXCLUSIVE)

An audience-tested prop that’s a threefold powerhouse!

EFFECT: An applause sign is utilized throughout your show. During your show, you pour a bottle of Gatorade into a folded up newspaper and the liquid vanishes! You step on the foot switch to turn on the applause sign and it DOESN’T light up. When you open it up the light bulb inside is FULL of the Gatorade that just disappeared! You twist the end off and pour the Gatorade out!


Comes with:

  • Gimmicked Applause Sign
  • Evaporation Trick as a Gatorade Bottle
  • DVD Instructions

APPLAUSE PLEASE is a three-in-one magic prop. Use it as a Warm Up , Applause Device or for the amazing Liquid-in-Light-Bulb trick!


3. Santa’s Surprise by Razamatazz Magic

This is an updated and modified version of the classic Farmyard Frolics (Edwin Hooper) style children’s effect again with a twist.

Great festive fun routine where Santa vanishes and appears in a funny comical routine with a different ending to the original style of effect.


This is a great trick with a magical Christmas theme; modern, colorful and keeps the children laughing and shouting in a controlled way that is a fun to see. You will be amazed at how stunning this looks. Never before has a children’s Christmas prop looked so good.

This is an absolute must for any professional or amateur children’s entertainer and an ideal addition to any children’s and family Christmas shows.


4. Peek-a-Boo Santa by Silly Billy (Hurry LIMITED QUANTITY)

Silly Billy’s newest road-tested item – a Run, Santa, Run on steroids!

Introducing the best Santa Claus trick on the market today. It’s like Run, Santa, Run on steroids. (If there was a Run, Santa, Run, which there isn’t!)

Peek-a-Boo Santa is based on Silly Billy’s hit trick Peek-a-Boo Bunny. Everything learned from building and performing Peek-a-Boo Bunny was added to the improvements and engineering of Peek-a-Boo Santa.


You get the tricked out chimney, the SIX Santas, and believe it or not, a beautiful red velvet bag to carry it in! It looks just like Santa’s sack! And this red sack is a natural fit with the plot about Santa.

You need a NEW Christmas trick for your repeat clients. You will be the ONLY magician in your market with this brand new trick. And you will have the time of your life performing it!

This is really a very good trick. I like it very much and believe it would make a nice addition to your show, especially set to music. It’s simple to perform and although it’s push-button magic, I suspect audience reactions will be audible as your cannot discern any size difference as the die changes color.


Here is the clip of the week. One of my favorites, Carl Ballantine performing his legendary comedy magic act. This was shot about one year prior to his death. Billing himself as “The Great Ballantine”, “The Amazing Ballantine” or “Ballantine: The World’s Greatest Magician”, his vaudeville-style comedy routine involved transparent or incompetent stage magic tricks, which tended to flop and go “hilariously awry” to the wisecracking Ballantine’s mock chagrin. He has been credited with creating comedy magic and greatly influenced both comics and magicians.

As always, have a great weekend my friends.

More news later,



One Response to “Santa’s TRICK PICKS For Christmas 2015”

  1. Denis Freeh Says:

    Thanks for sharing the Carl Ballantine video. The highlight of my holiday. As a kid he was my major influence toward comedy magic. Loved his Ed Sullivan spots. As always – Carl’s set up and timing with a comedy line was flawless. I even acquired my own set of ” playing cards.” I greatly enjoyed meeting Carl at an Academy of Magical Arts Awards Show where he was very gracious. We shared an interest in the ponies. I owned a small % of Tropic Storm who made it to the Breeders Cup World Championships at Churchill Downs. Carl was either the inspiration or must take the blame for some of my Magic Plumber creations including The Linking Toilet Seats, Signed Toilet Seat in Wallet and The Disappearing Toilet all created by Alan at Owen Magic Supreme with a wonderful sense of humor. Carl was one of a kind and will be remembered for providing the magic of laughter!
    Denis Freeh

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